The best 80s alien movie features some of the most impressive, intelligent science fiction horror movies of the era. Visionary filmmakers like James Cameron and George Lucas create fantastical alien worlds. Other alien movies simply provided fun entertainment but these were some of the best movies of the '80s.

  1. “Aliens” – The sequel to “Alien” is one of the best '80s alien movies ever made. While the first movie was a horror film, a haunted house in space movie, the second was more sci-fi with the military trying to defeat the aliens. The movie received seven Oscar nominations.

  2. “The Thing”John Carpenter remade one of the best classic alien movies and, in the process, made one of the best horror movies of all time. Kurt Russell stars as a member of a research group in the Antarctic. The men have to fight for their lives when an alien arrives and starts killing them one by one.

  3. “Empire Strikes Back” – The second movie in George Lucas’ original “Star Wars” trilogy remains one of the best '80s alien movies. The best movie of the six “Star Wars” films, the movie features numerous alien races including the most famous Wookiee of all time, Chewbacca.

  4. “E.T.” – Steven Spielberg made one of the most touching family movies of all time in this, one of the best '80s alien movies. An alien is stranded on Earth and befriends a young boy who tries to help the being remain free long enough to contact its beings and return home.

  5. “They Live” – John Carpenter created a world where aliens have taken over. Professional wrestler Roddy Piper finds a pair of glasses that allows him to see the aliens through their human disguises. The giant fight between Piper and Keith David cements this as one of the best '80s alien movies in existence.

  6. “Predator” – Future governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura star as members of an elite Special Forces team who find themselves hunted by dangerous aliens in one of the best '80s alien movies. The movie was remade in 2010 by Robert Rodriguez.

  7. “Spaceballs”Mel Brooks spoofed all '80s alien movies with this satirical look at “Star Wars.” Bill Pullman stars as a character styled after Han Solo who sets out to save a princess from the evil President Skroob and Lord Dark Helmet. John Candy stars as Pullman’s alien partner.

  8. “The Abyss” – James Cameron directs this underwater thriller, one of the best '80s alien movies of the decade. Ed Harris and Michael Biehn star as part of a crew who investigate a sunken ship and discover extraterrestrial life.

  9. “Bad Taste”Peter Jackson got his start making splatter comedy movies, similar to those Sam Raimi specialized in. In “Bad Taste,” Jackson creates a low budget film that sees a group of Astro Investigators head to a small town that is overrun with aliens looking to make meat of the residents.

  10. “Critters” – Dee Wallace stars in this comedy horror film, one of the best '80s alien movies. The movie features a group of “critters” who escape a prison ship and race to Earth. While there, they begin to terrorize a small Kansas family until bounty hunters arrive to recapture them.