The best 50s SCI FI movies are movies that will entertain you and your friends and make you smile. They are like Pilates for your brain. Check out this list of the best 50 SCI FI movies as you get some popcorn.

  1. "War of the Worlds" It came out in 1953 and was directed by Byron Haskin. It was originally written, of course, by H.G. Wells and depicts the invasion of aliens who are winning against humans. The people of Earth are made to run like animals in fear for their lives. It is really a bit scary, though wonderfully entertaining.

  2. "The Thing" This is one of the best 50s SCI FI movies that you could see. Directed by Christian Nytmby and Howard Hawke in 1951, it is a funny movie that was really not intended to be amusing. We look back at these old 50's SCI FI movies and smil knowing the technology that they knew nothing of then. The plot covers an alien that the Air Force must fight off after they discover that it wants to eat them. Set in an Arctic military base, they discover this after it accidentally thaws. It is charming and definitely one of the best 50s SCI FI movies of that era.

  3. "Them" This movie is about one of the true-to-life New Mexico stories about experimentation for atomic science. Back then, everybody wanted to know why the government was so hush-hush about their discoveries and atomic experimentation. If that interests you then this will really tickle your fancy. Directed by Gordon Douglas in 1954, the government and their atomic testing back then was a controversy. It still is today after people realized what all that could do to our world. Still, this movie looks at it and adds a dimension of SCI FI that will make you laugh. Gigantic ants come from the experiments and terrorize the humans. Catch it, you will love it.

  4. "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" Directed by Don Siegal in 1957, this one plays on the fears of anyone who cannot stand the domination of an ideal! That's right, the movie shows how domination by a particular sect of the governing population can take over your town if you don't watch out! This is an intriguing political movie set in a SCI FI theme. Enjoy it and cherish this bit of SCI FI history on the screen.

  5. "The Incredible Shrinking Man" Directed by Jack Arnold in 1957, this one covers the story of a man who gets exposed to radiation and shrinks. The rest of the story shows what that horrible experience would feel like. It is a tale to be seen. The mixture of pesticides and radiation is not a good thing. That's what the main character discovers when he shrinks after his radiation experiment goes wrong.

- Michelle Hullett