Bad Science In Movies

Monday, March 7 by Victorino Sianghio Jr.

Bad science in movies will make you vomit in disgust at either the sheer stupidity or total disregard to facts moviemakers include in their films. Hollywood is a notorious offender in this realm and many of their films are filled to the brim with factual inaccuracies that are an affront against science. The next time you see these films, you can impress your friends by pointing out to them all these errors.

  1. "An Inconvenient Truth" This Al Gore, pro-environmentalism, excessive-legislation-to-control-Americans' lives flick from 2006 is without a doubt the best (or is it worst?) movie that features bad science. You have to be in love with bad science or being a hardcore liberal to believe the propaganda in this film! The Science and Public Policy Institute has exposed 35 errors in this ultra-bad science movie; in addition, the High Court of London in the United Kingdom identified at least nine errors in Gore's film. This means Gore's film is pure propaganda simply meant to increase the control of government over citizens' lives. This is not a political opinion, but a fact based on the analysis of the film. A few examples of some errors ar the Pacific Islands apparently drowning, the sea levels rising by six meters and CO2 driving up temperature. If you need any more proof Gore's film is filled with nothing but bad science, consider this: In 2010, Gore actually bought a house on the California coast! Yet his movie claims that in the coming years, the West coastline will be underwater due to global warming. What a joker!
  2. "Star Trek" This update on "Star Trek" from 2009 is the second-best movie that features totally bad science because the perpetrations are so flagrant. Sure, you may have to be a little bit of a science nerd or dweeb to begin with to spot these errors, but once you do, you'll see just how dumb and careless these Hollywood moviemakers are. The perpetration of bad science (only one of too many) involves Kirk and Sulu diving down from an orbiting spaceship to a platform beneath them. The bad science is that—ready?—it is impossible to remain above a fixed point with any spaceship unless it is above the equator of a planet! Duh! 
  3. "Avatar" The third-best perpetration in bad science in movies occurs in that James Cameron orgy of box-office explosion and 3D-generated computer characters "Avatar." However, the logic in this film is so utterly bad that it requires a suspension of disbelief to understand why moviegoers turned out in droves (in serious droves) to support this film with their hard-earned dollars. In the movie, the "Avatar" militia is supposed to be super-futuristic, yet its weapons are embarrassingly lame because they are exactly like 2009-style weapons! All their weapons consist of things that are just in development or in use for the present day, but not more sophisticated. An example is smart bullets, which don't do anything more special than conventional smart bullets. Another bad science perpetration is the militia's infantrymen not wearing invisible camouflage! C'mon! This is the future, isn't it?!
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