Alien invasion movies from the '90's were strangely popular in the 90's. Perhaps this was because Hollywood finally had special effects available to them to make an alien invasion actually look realistic. Or maybe it was the impending year 2000, which just seemed so futuristic that somehow aliens were on all of our minds. Regardless, if you look back at alien invasion movies that were released over the course of the 90's, you will notice how different many of them were, as well as how similar.

  1. "Mars Attacks." Tim Burton directed this hilarious and bizarre alien invasion movie from the '90's, homaging the numerous alien invasion films from the 50's, complete with campy dialogue and a totally ridiculous storyline. However the aliens, who had large brains and funny, but dangerous, personalities, may be the best aliens of any of the alien invasion movies ever released.

  2. "Men In Black." Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones star in this blockbuster about a team from Earth who keeps all the visiting aliens in-check on the planet. When a hostile alien invades and they are forced to stop him, one of the funniest, most entertaining alien invasion films from the 90's (or any other era) is the result.

  3. "Independence Day." The action-packed alien invasion movie from the 90's with some of the best special effects, for the time, involves alien spaceships flying over all of the major cities of earth and demolishing them with one large blast from each ship. A stellar cast, incredible special effects, and little to no story made "Independence Day" one of the most popular summer movies ever made.

  4. "The Faculty." Robert Rodriguez's campy alien invasion horror film centers on aliens who take over the bodies of teachers at high school, making them kill other students and do numerous other bad things. Widely considered a bad film, "The Faculty" still manages to shock and scare viewers in a few incredibly suspenseful scenes.

  5. "The X-Files: Fight The Future." The film finale of the hit television series "The X-Files" follows F.B.I. agents Mulder and Scully as they try to come to a conclusion about the aliens who may have invaded earth and the government conspiracy surrounding it all. This is a great alien invasion movie from the 90's if you have kept up with the television series "The X-Files." If not, you may not understand what exactly is going on.