The best alien attack movies for guys take several different approaches to alien invasions. Some are serious, some are action thrillers, some are humorous, and some are so bad that they're funny. Most good alien attack movies for guys are best when you watch them with your buddies. Funny, thrilling, or bad, the commentary that these films inspire is as entertaining as the movies themselves.

  1. “Independence Day.” A huge alien mother ship assumes orbit around the Earth and soon unleashes waves of seemingly invincible fighter ships which begin destroying civilization and exterminating humans. Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, and Randy Quaid star in this action filled movie. The visual effects, action, combat sequences, and fun story make this film a great alien attack movie for guys.

  2. “War of the Worlds.” Gene Barry and Ann Robinson star in this film about a surprise invasion from Mars. The movie is based on the famous H.G. Wells novel. The Martians launch a massive assault on Earth with technologically advanced spacecraft that our weapons simply cannot stop. Is there any hope for humanity?

  3. “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” A small town doctor has many patients who contend that some of their relatives are imposters. When he investigates, the doctor, played by Kevin McCarthy, finds that alien invaders are growing from seed pods and replacing humans. This is a terrific alien attack movie for guys because it is thrilling and provocative. The original ending was considered too pessimistic, so it was modified to offer some hope that humanity had fighting change.

  4. “Plan 9 From Outer Space.” This film, by low budget movie director Ed Wood, is a disjointed story of an alien invasion of Earth. It is widely considered to be the worst movie ever made and, consequently, has a large cult following. It a great alien attack movie for guys because if you get a bunch of guys together to watch this movie and have a few beers, the film is unintentionally hilarious. Watch for the creative special effects, especially the obvious paper plate (the cheap kind at that) flying saucer.

  5. “Mars Attacks.” This wildly funny film stars an ensemble cast headed up by Oscar winner Jack Nicholson. When Martians invade the Earth, the President simply cannot believe that the aliens aren't peaceful. Refusing to fight back, the President continues to try to negotiate with the Martians while they busily destroy civilization. This is a fun alien attack film for guys because it is a laugh riot.