Action Sci Fi movies, when done well, are often some of the most entertaining movies made out of major studios in Hollywood today. These movies are made by some of the action sci fi masters in cinema, like James Cameron, Ridley Scott and The Wachowski Brothers. Most of the films in the following list were not only monetarily successful, but also critically acclaimed, as they take people's minds on adventures to places they can only fantasize about somewhere in the distant future.

  1. "Terminator." One of the first films from director James Cameron, "Terminator" follows a storyline we all now know by heart: a robot, disguised as a man, called a Terminator is sent back in time to kill a woman who will give birth to a son named John Connor. John Connor will grow up to lead men in an apocalyptic battle against the robots, in the future. A man is sent back in time to protect the mother of John Connor. Don't think about it too much, as it will make your head hurt. Just watch this amazing action sci fi movie.

  2. "Terminator 2." The sequel to "Terminator" has a similar premise, except the humans send back the robot from the first film (Ah-nold, yes) to protect John Connor and his mother, while the machines send back a more advanced Terminator who is made of liquid metal to kill the boy and his mother. Again, don't think about it logically. Just watch the awesomeness.

  3. "Aliens." James Cameron took the helm of this sequel to Ridley Scott's epic sci-fi horror masterpiece and turned it into an action film in space, with futuristic Marine fighting droves of aliens who bleed acid. A bit less subtle than the original, but an absolutely outstanding action sci fi film nonetheless.

  4. "Avatar." James Cameron's cinema-changing, $400 million dollar epic is basically "Dances With Wolves" on an alien planet. This doesn't keep it from being one of the most spectacular sci fi action epics ever put on the silver screen, in 3D, no less. As the first four films on this list are James Cameron films, is it safe to say he's the most visionary director in the action sci-fi genre? Or maybe any genre?

  5. "Bladerunner." Ridley Scott's low-budget but incredible "Bladerunner" stars Harrison Ford as a P.I. searching for Androids around a futuristic Los Angeles. Sexy, violent and with simple special effects that still hold up today, "Bladerunner" is one of the most unique action sci fi movies ever made.

  6. "Sunshine." From master director Danny Boyle, this action sci fi film follows a spaceship from Earth which is loaded down with nuclear warheads that will be detonated to re-ignite the sun before it burns out. A wildly intense and sprawling action sci fi film proves that director Danny Boyle can tell just about any type of story as a film.