The 5 best "Final Fantasy" movie characters continue the great tradition and legacy of the Square Enix games for so many fans across the globe. These movie characters from the "Final Fantasy" universe showcase the best of this series of video games. The grand scope of fantasy and science fiction merge together and the drama from "Final Fantasy" comes alive through these awesome characters.

  1. Cloud Strife. One of the most memorable characters in the "Final Fantasy VII" universe makes his way from the movie sequel into the game. The ex-soldier goes into hiding, only to save children being affected by a mysterious disease, Geostigma.

  2. Sephiroth. The main villain of "Final Fantasy VII" returns to haunt the hero, Cloud, after killing Aerith from the video game. This power-mad individual returns to harness the Geostigma and conquer the world in "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children."

  3. Aerith Gainsborough. A tragic figure from the video game, "Final Fantasy VII," makes a return to help Cloud in his latest adventure. She was killed by Sephiroth years ago but now resurfaces to inspire Cloud to victory.

  4. Doctor Aki Ross. She's the young scientist who gets caught in the middle of a war between Earth and strange monstrous phantoms. Voiced by Ming-Na, the character is definitely inspired by so many strong heroines in the "Final Fantasy" universe.

  5. Dr. Cid. A tradition in the "Final Fantasy" games continues! In "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within," he is the mentor of Dr. Aki Ross who looks for a peaceful resolution to the war that's destroying their world.