Finding 10 good fantasy movies for this list was a challenging, mostly because there were so many interesting choices to wade through. It’s not unusual for Hollywood to throw in a lot of money and attention to detail when making something in the genre, and when good directors tackle fantasy, they often do a great job with it. These movies are great escapist films that do a good job taking us away from the humdrum nature of daily life.  

  1. If you’re looking for good fantasy movies with a lot of visual flair, you should try “Legend”. The story isn’t that mind-blowing, but it’s extremely entertaining and it’s definitely a stunning visual experience.

  2. “The Princess Bride” is a good fantasy movie with a lot of appeal for the whole family. This movie is about a romance and a heroic rescue in a world of swords and sorcery.

  3. “Conan the Barbarian” is one of the good fantasy movies because it delivers plenty of action and stays true to the source material it’s based on. Any fan of the literary character can’t help but appreciate the depiction in this film.

  4. All three films in the “Lord of The Rings” trilogy, which will be considered as one long movie for the purposes of this list, are fantastic examples of what fantasy movies can be when they’re done right. These films do a magnificent job of making the viewer feel like he’s entered a real-life fantasy world, and the story is truly epic.

  5. “My Neighbor Totoro” is the only animated film on this list of good fantasy movies. It’s about a strange monster who befriends a little girl. The movie is actually very beautiful and moving.

  6. If you’re looking for good fantasy movies, and you haven’t seen “The Wizard of Oz”, you’re really missing out. This is a perfect example of what the old Hollywood masters could create when they put their budgetary and creative power to work.

  7. “Excalibur” might arguably be the best movie on this list. There aren’t that many good fantasy movies about Arthurian legend, but this one is absolutely magnificent.

  8. “Babe” is another really family friendly fantasy movie. It’s about talking animals on a farm, including a pig who wants to be like a sheepdog.

  9. “Conan the Destroyer” may not be as excellent as the first film, but it’s still one of the good fantasy movies, and well worth seeing. This film has a lighter tone than the original, and it’s one of the first films where Arnold Schwarzenegger showed a flair for comedy.

  10. “Hook” wasn’t very well appreciated when it was first released. Over time, many people have changed their tune and decided that it’s one of the good fantasy movies instead of being one of the bad ones. This movie is about Peter Pan, but it imagines what would happen if Peter grew up and forgot who he used to be.