These 10 classic science fiction movies make up some of the best movies in history. Science fiction (or SciFi) has always been a great movie genre. SciFi movies have captured the imagination of audiences throughout the ages. When Science fiction is mixed with other genres, greatness has also prevailed. Check out this list of ten classic SciFi movies and see where they rank as your favorites.

  1. “Star Wars” 1977: Mega classic and mega hit movie that is not only one of the best SciFi movies, but one of the best ever. This movie kicked off the major box office hits. This movie has action, space ships and even villains. This movie has great special effects and CGI for the time-period, as well.

  2. “2001 A Space Odyssey” 1968: If there ever was a genre classic this is it. HAL was a monstrous SciFi advancement and a catalyst for the genre, great movie. For the time the special effects were wonderful and the characterization of HAL was exceptional.

  3. “Alien:” 1979: The original was a SciFi sub-genre horror classic that is still haunting today. This is an awesome movie and arguably the best ever. The graphic gore and suspense has rivaled the best of the best and the science in this film is astounding.

  4. “Blade Runner” 1982: This classic SciFi movie is a cult classic. One of the greatest movies and concept ever created has kept this movie in the forefront of the genre. A movie about science letting man play God is an odd twist but a delicious storyline.

  5. “The Matrix” 1999: Is one of those films that come along in a generation and is hailed as incredible. The matrix was a trendsetter and CGI masterpiece. This movie holds an exceptional storyline with action and even a little romance.

  6. “Planet of the Apes” 1968: Was by all accounts a masterpiece as soon as it was released. An excellent concept, make-up and storyline move this film into the top ten classic. An inspiration for many a follow-on and concept copycat film.

  7. “E.T” The Extraterrestrial” 1982: Ok, this movie was exceptional and for some it was a kids movie. The idea is awesome and the storyline well played. This is the movie that put Spielberg on the map. One of the best directed and produces SciFi movies ever.

  8. “Terminator 2: Judgment Day: 1999: Here is a sequel that made the list vice the original. Superb special effects and awesome SciFi action puts this movie high on the list. The science involved in T2 is far from impossible, which makes it that much better.

  9. “A Clockwork Orange” 1971: This is a SciFi cult classic movie with stunning acting and a look at a horrible future. Set in England for a little British flair this movie is all about the violence of youth.

  10. “District 9” 2009: "District 9" is a masterfully put together SciFi movie that indulges the craving for aliens on earth. Set in South Africa, "District 9" follows the exploits of a member of the Multi-National United Corporation more interested in alien technology for weaponry than the well-being of the inhabitants.