10 Classic Sci Fi Movies

Thursday, January 27 by Layla Sinclair

If you want a see mad scientists, aliens and futuristic action sequences, then you’ll want to watch these 10 classic sci fi movies. The following films helped shape the science fiction movie genre and all came out before 1980. Many of the films below blend sci fi with action, drama, horror and plenty of suspense.

  1. “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” This classic sci fi movie was made back in 1956 and follows a doctor who slowly discovers that people in his community are being taken and replaced with pod people. The movie blends horror and sci fi together into a movie that is at times over-the-top, but always entertaining.
  2. “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” In this classic sci fi movie from 1977, Richard Dreyfuss plays a man who has an otherworldly sighting and soon becomes haunted by visions of a particular desert location. The movie builds to a powerful finale as the main characters journey to find the answer behind an alien riddle.
  3. “The Day the Earth Stood Still” Make sure to see the classic sci fi version from 1951 and not the recent flop starring Keanu Reeves. In the original version, aliens land in Washington D.C. and present the inhabitants of earth with an important message: promote peace or face annihilation. Check out the movie to see what choice is made.
  4. “Planet of the Apes” In one of the most classic of sci fi movies, Charlton Heston plays a stranded astronaut who finds himself on an island ruled by giant, human-like apes. He slowly uncovers the horrifying truth about what has happened to the humans.
  5. “2001: A Space Odyssey” If you want to watch the most classic of sci fi movies, then you should definitely start with this film. The movie traces the evolution of mankind, from animals to humans and from humans to artificial intelligence. The film contains little dialogue but has an abundance of different interpretations.
  6. “Star Wars” Nothing screams classic sci fi movie like “Star Wars.” The movie trilogy begins in 1977 as Luke Skywalker learns how to harness the “Force” and battle evil. If you haven’t seen this classic film series, now is the time to begin.
  7. “Alien” This classic sci fi movie also contains plenty of horror and suspense. Sigourney Weaver kicks butt as a space explorer who discovers that an unwelcome alien intruder has boarded her spaceship on a mission to kill.
  8. “Soylent Green” This classic sci fi movie presents audiences with a dystopian depiction of the future. Humans live in overcrowded, dirty conditions and rely greatly on a food called “soylent green.” The chilling surprise at the end of the film made this movie a memorable classic. 
  9. “Solaris” The original version of this classic sci fi movie came out in 1972. It traces a Soviet psychologist’s visit to a space base that has had an eerie power over visiting astronauts. The protagonist soon discovers the strange nature of the place himself when his dead wife appears on the base one day.
  10. “Mad Max” In this dark sci fi classic, Mel Gibson plays a jaded lawman bent on destroying a dangerous gang of motorcyclists and hell raisers. The character’s bloodthirsty quest in the middle of a futuristic Australia makes this a must-see movie.
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