Fill your head with psychedelic fantasy with the 10 best Spanish fantasy movies. While the themes that run through these Spanish fantasy movies can sometimes be a bit random, the one thing they do have in common is amazing cinematography and some seriously trippy moments.

  1. “Pan’s Labyrinth” (2006) Directed by Guillermo Del Toro, this best Spanish fantasy movie was a hit with movie fans and critics all over the world. Visually stunning and emotionally heartbreaking, it tells the story of a young girl who escapes to her imagination to escape the horrors of war and her brutal stepfather.

  2. “The Orphanage” (2007) In this one of the ten best Spanish fantasy movies, it’s hard to tell where the fantasy ends and the horror begins. When a young mother moves her family into her childhood home, her son begins to communicate with the spirits in the walls.

  3. “Timecrimes” (2007) While it may be a bit hard to follow at first, this Spanish fantasy movie is a mind-bending journey back and forth in time with a man who is his own worst enemy.

  4. “Platillos Volantes” (2003) Loosely based on a true story, this Spanish fantasy movie looks at two seemingly normal men who believe themselves to be in contact with UFOs and their slow steady decent into madness.

  5. “Vera” (2003) Excellent cinematography and vividly disturbing religious imagery, this Spanish fantasy movie is an interesting and introspective look at the nature of spirituality.

  6. “Santos Contra los Asesinos de Otros Mundos” (1973) A must-see for fans of B-movie camp, this Spanish fantasy movie follows a crim fighting wrestler as he fight mad men and alien controlled monsters to save the world.

  7. “The Man and the Monster” (1959) Part Faust legend, part “Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” this one of the ten best Spanish fantasy movies is the horrible and fascinating story of a man who sells his soul to become the best musician in the world only to become a horrible monster when he plays.

  8. “The Exterminating Angel” (1962) As funny as it is creepy, this Spanish fantasy movie crashes a lavish dinner party with mysterious forces that make sure that the guests can never leave.

  9. “El Topo” (1970) This is the kind of movie you will either fall in love with or completely hate. A western that turns into a psychedelic mind shag, this Spanish fantasy movies was one of the films that started the midnight movie craze of the '70s.

  10. “El Bosque Animado” (1987) A wonderful little film that makes you feel like a kid again, this movie makes the list of the ten best Spanish fantasy movies because its characters and the world they inhabit will rekindle your sense of childlike wonder.