Ready to watch the 10 best erotic fantasy movies? The erotic fantasy genre of film features futuristic or horrifying plots. They may also feature sensual soft and hard core porn. There is also intense nudity and plenty of satisfying visual stimulation. These are the ten best options for erotic fantasy movies.

  1. “Barbarella” Jane Fonda is the lead heroin in this movie.  “Barbarella” was released in 1968 and is considered the pioneer of erotic fantasy movie. The beautiful Jane Fonda gave an excellent performance as she attempted to find the evil Dr. Durand. This classic is a great example of the ten best erotic fantasy movies.

  2. “I Spit On Your Grave” This erotic fantasy movie features Camille Keaton who plays a woman that was brutalized and raped by four local men. They felt they had gotten away with their deeds until she begins to take vengeance on each of the men and systematically kills them all.

  3. “Emmanuelle vs. Dracula” This erotic fantasy movie features Natasja Vermeer in this installment of the “Emmanuelle” series. A bachelorette party goes horribly wrong when a vampire becomes an unwelcome guest. As usual Emmanuelle must save the day.

  4. “The Scorned” Trisha Schneider stars as a fiancée who is betrayed by her best friend and future husband. She ends up dying at the hands of her lover. When vacationers stay in the beach house that she was murdered in, they soon find out that her spirit casts a lustful and evil presence over the home

  5. “Edward Penishands” No list of the best erotic fantasy movies would be complete without a parody of the iconic “Edward Scissorhands”. Do not expect to see Johnny Depp in this hilarious parody. Viewers can expect plenty of sex action and a good laugh.

  6. “The Girl Next Door” “The Girl Next Door” features the typical older man being obsessed with the younger neighbor scenario with a twist. She ends up dead. Henry Czemy and Polly Shannon star in this thriller. The movie is very well written which makes it an excellent choice for the best erotic fantasy movie.

  7. “Poison Ivy: The New Seduction” The third installment of the erotic fantasy movie franchise, “Poison Ivy” series is no disappointment. Jamie Pressly stars as Ivy’s homicidal sister who picks up the terror and seduction where her sister left off. Expect to see a younger nude Jamie Pressley in this movie.

  8. “Lord of the G-Strings: The Femaleship of the String” Fans of the “Lord of the Rings” movies probably should not expect any great level of acting or storyline here. This is a parody with benefits. Plenty of nudity and sexuality in this erotic fantasy.

  9. “Sexbusters” Do not expect to see any ghosts in this erotic fantasy movie. These female Ghostbusters are ready to save anyone in need of sexual satisfaction. This movie stars Karen Summer, Candi, and Peter North.

  10. “Orgazmo” A young Mormon missionary becomes a porn star when he takes the job to pay for his wedding. When his new job is found out he finds himself in deep trouble. This erotic fantasy movie features Trey Parker who is the co-creator of "South Park".