The 10 best Chinese fantasy movies have unique elements not present in western fantasy, treating kung fu and martial arts as mystical, powerful sorcery. Swordsmen fly through the air with the greatest of ease, eunuchs gain magical powers, and love triumphs over all. Here are the unique visions of the 10 best Chinese fantasy movies.

  1. "The Bride With White Hair"  A story of star-crossed lovers, a warrior girl raised by wolves and a reluctant prince fighting against the evil of Siamese twins trying to conquer and rule with an iron fist, this unique and beautiful film (with a sense of dark humor) tops the list of the 10 best Chinese fantasy movies. It is bloody, erotic, humorous, and tragic.

  2. "A Chinese Ghost Story"  Perhaps the seminal Chinese fantasy movie, this sets up many of the elements. Flying swordsmen, a monster with a giant tongue, and a sweet love story center this entertaining film.

  3. "Zu: Warriors From the Magic Mountain"  From the Chinese Spielberg, Tsui Hark, comes this entry on this list of the 10 best Chinese fantasy movies. It is a "Star Wars"-like hero's journey with magic and battles galore.

  4. "House of Flying Daggers"  Zhang Ziyi stars in this swordplay epic, an artsy interpretation of Chinese fantasy movies past. It is a lovely film that is as well-filmed as it is exciting.

  5. "The Legend of the Swordsman"  This is one of the craziest films on the list of 10 best Chinese fantasy movies. Ninjas flying on giant blades, a warrior slowly turning into a woman, and Jet Li in an early performance, make this one essential.

  6. "Mr. Vampire"  Only in Chinese fantasy movies would vampires be an object of hilarity. Stiff because they're dead, they can only hop to hunt their prey. It makes them no less deadly but a whole lot funnier.

  7. "The East is Red"  This sequel to "The Legend of the Swordsman" focuses on the eunuch villain, Invincible Asia, slowly turning into a powerful woman through magic. She conquers her enemies, including a giant warrior that turns out to be a midget ninja in disguise.

  8. "Ashes of Time"  This entry on the list of the 10 best Chinese fantasy movies has the loveliness of ballet. It's a beautiful swordplay epic.

  9. "Dragon Inn"  The gorgeous Maggie Cheung stars in this sublime entry on the list of the 10 best Chinese fantasy movies. Cheung is the queen of epic Chinese fantasy.

  10. "A Chinese Ghost Story II"  This sequel continues the story of young lovers battling evil forces, and closes out our list of the best Chinese fantasy movies in style.