The ten best animated fantasy movies are films that you can return to again and again to visit fantastical worlds and meet interesting creatures. Many of the movies are geared towards both children and adults and stand as timeless classics. If you want to watch a fun film with imagination, check out the list below.

  1. “Fantasia.” A classic Disney movie from 1940, “Fantasia” is one of the best animated fantasy movies of all time. The movie mixes classical music with children’s tales in a film that is artistic and entertaining at the same time.

  2. “The Lion King.” This best animated fantasy movie depicts the animal kingdom that inhabits the African savannah. From royal lions to wily hyenas and wise baboons, the movie depicts a variety of unique characters that deliver laughs with a message.

  3. “Spirited Away.” A Japanese film, “Spirited Away” tells the fantastical tale of a Japanese girl who stumbles into a realm filled with Japanese spirits and deities. With the rest of her family turned into pigs, she must find a way to save them and escape in this animated fantasy film.

  4. “Toy Story.” This classic Pixar children’s movie has become a huge franchise due to the first movie’s originality and humor. In the best animated fantasy movie, a cowboy toy doll named Woody is replaced by Buzz Lightyear, the latest spaceman action figure. Pixar successfully created a whole new toy world with this great fantasy movie.

  5. “Alice in Wonderland.” Another famous Disney movie, this animated fantasy movie is based on Lewis Carroll’s classic book. Alice stumbles down a rabbit hole and arrives in one of the most fantastical and strange worlds ever created in book or film.

  6. “Ponyo.” This Japanese film is based on the fairytale of “The Little Mermaid” with some fun twists. The best animated fantasy movie is about a young boy who finds a goldfish, only to discover that the creature is actually a magical princess.

  7. “Peter Pan.” In this classic Disney film based on a children’s book, three English siblings find themselves in an adventure with pirates after being transported to the world of Neverland. This animated fantasy movie will make both children and adults wish that they could stay young forever.

  8. “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” A holiday movie made by Tim Burton, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” transports viewers to two distinct worlds: Christmas Town and Halloween Town. This best animated fantasy movie tells the tale of Jack Skellington’s attempt to spread Christmas cheer to the ghouls and monsters of his town.

  9. Shrek.” In this best animated fantasy movie, an ogre named Shrek unwillingly embarks on an adventure to rescue a damsel in distress. On the way, he meets a quarrelsome donkey and an evil midget lord.  

  10. “Beauty and the Beast.” The best animated fantasy movie was made by Disney and revolves around a French maiden named Belle, who becomes trapped in the castle of a cursed beast. The film is full of imagination, with talking candlesticks, dishes and clocks.