The best 1980's fantasy movies are the most imaginative ones, and perhaps the most twisted. The 1980's was arguably one of the best decades for fantasy movies. You will find some truly imaginative films below. 

  1. "The Dark Crystal" - Welcome to the planet of Thra, a planet of three suns. The Crystal of Truth has the power to control the forces of nature for the benefit of the whole planet. The ruling species, known as the UrSkeks, crack the Crystal of Truth and divide into two species - The Mystics and the evil vulture-like Skeksis. The Skeksis hoard the power of the crystal. Two Gelflings fulfull a prophecy which foretells the rulers' demise. This 1980's fantasy movie is one of the greatest Jim Henson films of the era. 

  2. "Flash Gordon" - A space object causes a series of disasters on Earth. This leads Dr. Hans Zarkov, journalist Dale Arden and New York Jets football player "Flash" Gordon on an adventure into outer space

  3. "The Beast Master" - A poor man saves a boy named Dar from a human sacrifice commanded by an evil sorcerer. The boy develops the ability to fight and to communicate with animals. When the boy grows up, the sorcerer attacks his village with an army of funny looking creatures. Dar, the only survivor, gets his revenge. 

  4. "Willow" - A dwarf protects a baby with special powers from an evil queen in this classic 1980's fantasy movie that was co-written by George Lucas. 

  5. "The Princess Bride" - This is a bedtime story, read by grandpa, full of monsters, evil princes, torture scenes, protagonists named Buttercup and scenes of love. Andre the Giant of WWF wrestling fame also graces us with his charming presence. 

  6. "Labyrinth" - A girl wishes for her little brother to go away. She gets her wish. Then, she must save her brother from the goblin king, played by David Bowie, and an army of Muppets. Like "The Dark Crystal," this is another Jim Henson fantasy movie. 

  7. "Return to Oz" - Despite its innocent title, do not let your kids watch this spooky 1980's fantasy movie. The story picks up six months after Dorothy returns to Kansas. She escapes from a mental hospital and back into Oz, where she rescues the scarecrow and her ruby slippers from an evil ruler. 

  8. "Legend" - The Lord of Darkness kills the last of the unicorns and marries a princess with the intention of instituting a reign of terror. Tom Cruise plays Jack, who defeats the Lord of Darkness. 

  9. "The Black Cauldron" - Join a psychic pig, a pig keeper and an evil horned king who is intent on finding the black cauldron that will grant him at unstoppable army. Only the pig knows where this cauldron is. 

  10. "The Neverending Story" - Bastian plays hooky from school to escape bullies. Then he picks up a book called "The Neverending Story." He somehow enters the story and becomes the hero. Bastian encounters an assortment of strange characters as well as the Bog of Eternal Stench. If you want to see one of the best 1980's fantasy movies, do not miss this one.