Do you want to check out some scary Mexican movies to watch with a date? These frightening films guarantee that your girl will snuggle up close while you protect her. Read on for the list of great Mexican horror movies for your next date night:

  1. "Borderland" This English-language Mexican movie is about three American college students wh drive into Mexico for a week of drinking, partying and fun. Their plans change, however, when one of them gets kidnapped by a group of satanic Mexican drug smugglers who sacrifice tourists in their rituals. This scary movie is loosely based on the true story of a college student who disappeared during a Sprin Break trip in 1989.

  2. "We Are What We Are" When the father in a family of cannibals dies, the teenage children must take responsibility for taking care of the family. This means they must hunt and kill other humans for food for their clan. This is even more challenging than normal because they live in a big city. This scary Mexican movie is a winner because of the dramatic elements it adds to the usual horror.

  3. "KM 31" In this scary psychological thriller, a teenage girl runs over a little boy on a deserted road. When she leaves her car to go for help, she is hit by another vehicle and falls into a deep coma. Her twin sister investigates and learns that this section of road is haunted by the ghost of a mother whose little boy was killed there many years before. Armed with this knowledge, she tries to save her sister, who is trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead.

  4. "Poison for the Fairies" In a Mexico City boarding school in the 1960s, an aristocratic young girl meets a strange, quiet classmate named Graciela, who dreams of becoming a witch. Together, the two play games involving magic and mayhem, but things go awry and their beloved piano teacher is murdered. This scary Mexican fantasy is a twisted movie about the boundaries of reality.

  5. "Don't Panic" This scary Mexican supernatural movie is about a boy who unlocks the dark powers of a Ouija board. As he and his best friend use the board to conjure spirits, a rash of brutal murders happens in their town. Are the events connected? The boy becomes the chief suspect and must attempt to prove his innocence.