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Mexican movies are depressing. That’s a generalization, yes, but it’s often true. If you’ve seen “Amores Perros” you won’t argue. On the other hand, Mexican movies are daring and sexy a la “Y Tu Mama Tambien”. They can also be darkly beautiful—read, anything from the mind of Guillermo Del Toro. In short, Mexican films are as diverse and interesting as they come. Our best-of and top ten lists here at Screen Junkies will turn you on to what’s south of the border, just in case you need a little help in that direction.

Best Mexican Actors
Tuesday, March 15 by Irving Oala

There are a handful of best Mexican actors who are considered the best in the country, as they have acted for extended periods of time and been in films, television…

10 Best Old Mexican Movies
Thursday, February 10 by Andrea Miller

If you are interested in old Mexican movies, here are 10 of the best Old Mexican Movies. These films, including crime dramas, action, fantasy, and more, span the past five…

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