Many of us associated vampires and blood with America, but did you know Mexican vampire movies are considered some of the best in international cinema? It's true--in fact, Mexico create one of the first vampire movies in all of international cinema, entitled "El Vampiro". Check out which movies we recommend to film connoisseurs:

  1. "El Vampiro": This movie is considered of the best--and oldest--in all of Mexican vampire cinema. Marta, a young and very impressionable woman, visits her home in the villa, where she learns that her aunt has died and a mysterious count is attempting to buy the hacienda nearby. The count slowly makes his move--and she soon discovers he's a vampire.

  2. "Cronos": Filmed by award-winning director Guillermo Del Toro, this movie doubles as a vampire and a history film, sure to grip all audiences. The plot: A man, named Gris, comes across a fascinating life-giving device in an antique shop, called the Chronos Invention. As Gris soon finds out, the invention can reverse the effects of aging--but the device also makes him crave blood. Unfortunately, he isn't the person after this device either, which soon equals trouble for Gris. His new vampiric desires may ultimately spell his demise.

  3. "Vampiro": For audiences familiar with "Blade", this movie follows roughly the same plot. Taking place in modern Mexico, this film follows a boy named Casanova, who carries a vampiric bloodline. After his mother's suicide, an older vampire offers to grant Casanova and his mother eternal life, if they agree to become vampires. He agrees, sending him into at unknown world which he has an eternity to figure out.