Mexican Mafia movies deliver the violent and brutal world of the criminal underground where loyalty without question is an absolute rule. Movies about the Mexican Mafia delve also into the lives of the gangsters who enforce their ruthless on the streets. Audiences watch these movies to see the inner workings of the Mexican Mafia and how the people are affected around them. The Mexican Mafia gangsters are larger than life in the movies and the stories try to capture their difficult world of crime and death. Mexican Mafia movies explode with pulsating drama and action where the only law is kill or be killed and rule with an iron fist.  

  1. "American Me." Edward James Olmos directs and stars as Santana who as a street youth rises to the criminal underground of the Mexican Mafia. He goes to prison where the struggle for power is just as fierce inside the walls as it was outside in the mean streets. Santana serves his time only to finally fall in love with a local woman for the first time in his sordid life. Now, the crime boss begins to figure his lot in life in this engaging drama about the harsh toll of a life of crime for one man.

  2. "Revenge." A young fighter named Artem Kolchin, played by Denis Nikiforov, comes to America for a chance at a championship bout. The boxer sends another into a coma after provoking him to an impromptu sparring session and eventually dies in the hospital. Artem soon learns that the victim was the son of a Mexican Mafia crime boss Felix Mendez played by Victor Herminio Lopez. The boxer now must fight against the odds and survive the wrath of a father looking to avenge his son's accidental death.

  3. "Olé - Um Movie Cabra da Peste." A Brazilian man travels to Los Angeles, California, in order to find his beloved sister. Unfortunately, his journey lands himself in the midst of the unsavory elements of the city. He must navigate his way from petty hoods to jovial hobos to even the Mexican Mafia so he may find his loved one. Roberto Santucci wrote and directed this fish out of water comedy where a native Brazilian tried to survive the mean streets of Los Angeles with only his wits.

- Eduardo Camacho