Many different types of films have been made about Mexico, but the are a number of Mexican historical movies for guys that will not entertain and also teach what the land just south of America has gone through in past centuries. These films range from tales about natives who lived on the land before it was settled to films about the wars that were fought while the land was being settled to the political upheaval that went on once Mexico was formed. You'll feel like a historian and a film buff by the end of this list of Mexican historical movies.

  1. "Apocalypto." The fifth film from controversial actor and director Mel Gibson follows natives in the land that became Mexico back when it was ruled by the Mayan empire. A man who is meant to be sacrificed to the Gods escapes and goes on the run through the jungles and this savage land just before the conquistadors arrive. Violent, weird and definitely meant for guys.

  2. "The Alamo." There have been a number of versions of a film about The Alamo battle, which signaled the beginning of the end of Mexico's rule over the territory now known as Texas. The 1960's version is probably the better of the two, though it lacks effects and violence that is captured in newer Mexican historical movies. The version made in 2004 was critically panned but still watchable, making it one of the best known Mexican historical movies for guys out there.

  3. "Major Dundee." A western Mexican historical movie for guys from infamously violent guy's director Sam Peckinpah follows Charleton Heston as a character named Major Dundee who goes on a hunt to find raiding Apaches who have fled into the mountains of Mexico. However, he has about as much trouble dealing with the French who are currently ruling the country. A solid Western that is one of the best Mexican historical movies for guys, despite being cut to pieces by the film studio Columbia.

  4. "Frida." A story about a woman who became one of the greatest artists to ever come out of Mexico may not sound not a mexican historical Movie for guys, but any film where the beautiful Salma Hayek is naked regularly should be considered one of the best Mexican historical movies for guys, unibrows aside.