Even moviegoers who cannot speak a word of Spanish will appreciate these Mexican films with hot actresses. South of the border, filmmakers may not have access to the vast resources of the Hollywood studios, but, as these movies prove, they face no shortage of achingly beautiful starlets.

  1. “Inspiracion.” On one level, “Inspiracion” is a mediocre Mexican contribution to the crowded romantic comedy genre. On another level, the film is proof that a tired premise and a workman-like script can become very enjoyable when a smoking hot actress like Bàrbara Mori gets involved in the production.

  2. “Midaq Alley.” No list of Mexican films with hot actresses would be complete without mentioning Salma Hayek. Viewers can find her in “Midaq Alley,” an Ariel award-wininning adaptation of Naguib Mahfouz's novel.

  3. “Amores Perros.Oscar nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, this movie explores love and tragedy through three gritty, interwoven stories. In addition to a great script, the film features two beautiful actresses: the glamourous Goya Toledo, and Vanessa Bauche, the charming “girl next door.”

  4. “The Crime of Father Amaro.” Recently ordained and untested in his faith, a young priest faces temptation in a small Mexican parish. Ana Claudia Talancón stars as Amelia. American audiences may recognize her from a small screen appearance on Josh Whedon's “Dollhouse,” but there is no doubt this hot young actress deserves the kind of exposure only feature films can provide.

  5. “Niñas Mal.” A concerned father sends his hell-raising daughter to the only charm school left in Mexico City. The comedy is enjoyable but leading lady Martha Higareda's stunning good looks are no joke, earning her a coveted spot on this list of Mexican movies with hot actresses.

  6. “Tear This Heart Out.” Once again, a movie featuring the lovely Ana Claudia Talacón appears on this list. This story of political intrigue features high production values and an excellent script. It also features the talents of Mariana Peñalva and María Aura, two more sirens of the silver screen that deserve a worldwide audience.

  7. “Sólo Quiero Caminar.” This film has all the makings of a great thriller: beautiful women, lots of guns, and a nasty gang of drug dealers. Moviegoers owe a debt of gratitude to director Agustín Díaz Yanes for casting beautiful actress Elena Anaya in this film.

  8. “Drama/Mex.” Separate lives and separate stories converge in this oddly-titled film about life in Acapulco. There is nothing odd, however, about Mexican goddess Diana García, who makes her feature film debut in this production.

  9. “Bandido. Mexican screenwriter Carlos Gallardo penned this English-language script centered upon a master thief, the CIA, and most importantly, Angie Everhart. If including a classic American supermodel on this list feels like cheating, just remember the film also features Venezuelan stunner Ana La Salvia—as should every movie.

  10. “Regresa.” When a woman in a failing relationship undergoes hypnotherapy, she believes she has regressed to a life she lived hundreds of years ago. This is pure comedy. The story may no break your heart, but incredibly hot leading lady Blanca Soto will.