These Mexican films with ghosts span the decades and are a must-see for a true horror film buff. The Mexican film industry is known for its love of classic horror movies. Whether you're looking to be amused or scared out of your mind, these Mexican ghost films have something unusual to offer you.

  1. "Hasta el Viento Tiene Miedo" (1986): A handful of girls are forced to stay at their all-girls school during breaks due to misbehavior during the school year. Over the course of the breaks, the girls begin to notice unusual sounds and sights lurking in the school building. Soon, the students become entangled in a mystery when the ghost of a former student who died begins to make herself known.

  2. "El Libro de Piedra" (1969): Julia (Marga Lopez) starts a new job as a governess of a young girl, Sylvia (Lucy Buj) whose father has remarried after the death of his wife. The little girl tells Julia she has a new friend, Hugo, but only she can see him moving; the others see Hugo as a statue of a boy in the  courtyard and dismiss her tales, assuming Hugo is an imaginary friend. As bad things begin to happen to the family, Julia begins to wonder if there is more to Hugo than meets the eye.

  3. "Mas Negro Que la Noche" (1975): Ofelia (Claudia Islas), Aurora (Susana Dosamantes), Pilar (Helena Rojo) and Marta (Lucia Mendez) move into a house that was inherited by Ofelia from her dead aunt. The catch: they must take care of her pet, a black cat. Noises, ghosts and horrors slowly seep into the house and their lives, and the girls come to realize the cat may not be just an animal after all.