Mexican films about love come in a variety of forms, much like love itself. Some Mexican romance films are dramatic and straightforward, while others put a comedic spin on the idea of love and what some people will do in their pursuit of it. Whether you want to laugh or watch a serious take on romance, these Mexican films about love are sure to satisfy. 

  1. "Amar Te Duele." The Mexican love film "Amar Te Duele" is centered on the romantic relationship that develops between two young people from different social classes: the rich Renata (Martha Higareda) and the poor Ulises (Luis Fernando Pena). Their friends and family are against the pairing from the start, with Renata's parents even arranging for Renata to move to Canada and away from Ulises. But the young couple fights for their love despite the opposition.

  2. "Como Agua Para Chocolate." This Mexican film, which is perhaps better known as "Like Water for Chocolate," tells the story of Tita (Lumi Cavazos), a young woman who must stay unmarried and take care of her mother according to tradition, as the youngest daughter must devote her life to the care of her parents. However, Tita's life is turned inside out when she meets and falls for Pedro (Marco Leonardi), whom she cannot have. Desperate to be near Tita even though he cannot marry her, Pedro asks to marry Tita's sister instead, just so he can live with Tita.

  3. "Cilantro Y Perejil." A clever romantic Mexican comedy film, "Cilantro Y Perejil" brings the viewer into the love lives of various members of the same family. As Mexico's economy worsens, tempers flare, and the couples the movie showcases begin to question the true meaning of love. Susana (Arcelia Ramirez) has been with Carlos (Demian Bichir) for ten years, but feels abandoned when he works nonstop to try and keep their finances afloat. Meanwhile, Susana's sister, Nora (Alpha Acosta), documents the failing relationship for a school project, only to see her own relationship with her boyfriend, Jorge(Juan Manuel Bernal), begin to disintegrate. Amidst all the problems, Susana's own grandmother, after years alone, finds love in an unlikely place.