Mexican-American movies often stem from the political and cultural disparities scuffles between Mexicans and Americans. Often settled on the battlefield, these fiery disputes would conclude in territorial ownership and the shifting of political regimes. 

  1. "Salt of the Earth" (1954) is a Chicano movie documenting the real life strike of miners (both Mexican-Americans and Anglo-Americans teaming up) against the Empire Zinc Company. This film, set on the borders of the Civil Rights Movement, is pertinent to the history of the labor rights unions and the coverage of poor miners who endanger their lives in high-risk environments. 

  2. "Texas" (1994) projects on the large screen the events of the Mexicamerican province of Texas in the 1800s, the internal conflicts among Texan settlers and the wars between settlers and the Mexican government. The film shows the climax of war which resulted in Texas' state independence

  3. "The First Texan" (1956) is another film detailing the bitter conflict between the US and Mexico for Texan territory.  Sam Houston, who spearheads American forces on behalf of the US President, lead the American army against General Santa Ana, winning the victory and acquiring conquest of Texas. The successful war results in the US President awarding Sam Houston governance of the new state. 

  4. "Man of Conquest" (1939) is a double-entendre film punning on the winning of wars and women. This movie also tells the history of the Texan wars such as the Alamo War and the Battle of San Jacinto, and America's subsequent  acquisition of the state. Figures such as Sam Houston, Andrew Jackson and Jim Bowie boosts the film's credibility and historical value. 

  5. "The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory" (1987) is a movie focusing on the siege of the Alamo, one of the Texan wars. Spanning thirteen crucial days, from February 23 to March 7 1836, the Alamo siege marked the overthrow and transfer of San Antonio to US hands. The US army withstood the larger Mexican army and defeated General Santa Ana's forces. 

  6. "The Alamo" (2004) is the title of the battleground on which American and Mexican armies met and fought for oil-filled territory. The Alamo seige and the Battle of San Jacinto form the core of the Texan revolution and were the deciding factors between the warring factions. Texans, Tejanos, Mexicans and Americans were the subsections in society which had to side and war in the land dispute.

  7. "General Santa Ana" (2004) goes deep into the life of General Santa Ana, noted general who not only represented the Mexican government but served as Mexican President at different times. The movie concentrates on the last three days in the life of Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana as he recounts his glorious and checkered past.