These hot Mexican movies take action and fun south of the border with each and every scene as the audiences strap in for a wild cinematic ride. Nothing says hot like a Mexican movie shot to expose the heat and intensity of the landscape and their adventures. These hot Mexican movies also bring out the passion and drama as their lives play out on screen. Mexican movies are definitely as hot as the desert sands when the plot unfurls like an onion as characters big and bold rush across the picture in blinding speed. Hot Mexican movies are a treat to be sampled and savored whenever possible as the platter of excitement awaits fans who cannot get enough of their stories.

  1. "Like Water for Chocolate" A hot and erotic love story about two star-crossed lovers from a Mexican town. The film traces Tita's life as she tries to reconcile the love she has for Pedro with the duties of her mother and family.  

  2. "Desperado" Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek star in this hot action movie about one man's quest for revenge. El Mariachi delves into the criminal underground and encounters a lovely woman who is involved with a Mexican drug lord. 

  3. "From Dusk Till Dawn" A couple of criminals escape across the border to avoid the feds and a possible life sentence. The Geck brothers hide out in a hot Mexican nudie bar only to find out it is infested with blood-thirsty vampires.

  4. "Machete" An ode to grindhouse schlock fests stars Danny Trejo as the titular Mexican hero wronged by a merciless crime lord. A hot young ICE agent and a covert revolutionary join his fight to exterminate a plot of illegal drug trafficking, murder and political corruption.

  5. "Y Tu Mamá También" Two naive teenagers and a hot, older woman travel across the Mexican countryside together. They enjoy an adventure where they each learns some things about life and love while in search of a secluded beach.