For avid fans of sizzling hot Latina woman, one thing to considering doing is to watch good Mexican movies with hot actresses. Mexican cinema is extremely popular in many Spanish-speaking nations, and has been a driving force since the late nineteenth century. A vast array of well-known Mexican films feature attractive leading ladies in big roles.

  1. "Amores Perros" is a Mexican thriller that came out in the summer of 2000. "Amores Perros," which received international critical acclaim, features a diverse cast that includes Gael Garcia Bernal, Emilio Echevarria, Alvaro Guerrero and the stunning Canary Islands, Spain born actress, Goya Toledo, who stars as Valeria. The film is based around a tragic auto accident and how it harms the lives of all those that were involved.

  2. "Ninas Mal" is a light Mexican comedy that was released in March of 2007. "Ninas Mal" depicts the story of a troublemaking teenage girl who has difficulties with the staff at her charm school, which is attended solely by female students. The cast includes a variety of Mexico's most attractive twenty-something actresses, such as Martha Higareda, Camila Sodi, Maria Aura and Alejandra Adame.

  3. "Revolucion" is a moving Mexican film that hit theaters in 2010. "Revolucion" consists of ten separate short stories, all of which illustrate the concept of "revolution" and how it relates to Mexico's modern youth. The extensive cast includes attractive and talented actresses such as Monica Bejarano, Jeannine Derbez and Carmen Corral.

  4. "El Estudiante" is a dramatic film that was released in Mexico in the autumn of 2010. "El Estudiante" focuses on an older man and his decision to get a college degree, and his experiences with the young students he encounters. A couple of the photogenic actresses that are part of the cast are Siouzana Melikian and Jeannine Derbez.

-Isabel Prontes