These good Mexican movies for dates are all great options if you're looking for a great foreign film on your date. Whether romantic or artistic, these films will be perfect to impress your date with your great taste in films. These movies will ensure you have a great time on your date.

  1. "Y Tu Mama Tambien": This Mexican film has a great script and plot that makes for a fully captivating experience. You won't be disappointed by the complicated romance and adventures in this film as two men both pursue the same woman, Ana. It's both artistic and exciting to watch, perfect for a date with a love triangle that will make you and your date thoroughly enjoy the film. Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna truly make this film a masterful work of art, capturing their roles to perfection.

  2. "Amores Perros": Gael Garcia Bernal reveals his phenomenal acting in this great film. Translated to "Love's a Bitch," this Mexican film tells three intriguing stories that are all connected a traumatic car accident. Exploring stories of love and tragedy, the film is captivating and superbly captures issues of human lives. It's a great film to watch on a date if you want something less conventional than a typical romantic comedy. This film's perspective on love as a complex emotion sets a great backdrop for a romantic evening.

  3. "Como Agua Para Chocolate": Based on Laura Esquivel's book "Like Water for Chocolate", this film does an amazing job of capturing the emotion, love, and beauty in the original text. With the screenplay written by the author herself, this film has superb dialogue and is just as enjoyable as the book itself. The acting is phenomenal and the storyline won't disappoint you and your date for a minute. The film itself has a great portrayal of love and romance, showing the passion that drives the heart. The intriguing love stories alone make it a great Mexican movie for a date, with Lumi Cavazos and Marco Leonardi portraying great chemistry in the film.

  4. "El Gallo de Oro": This is a classic 1964 Mexican film that has a great screenplay written by renowned authors Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Carlos Fuentes. This movie captures love, fame, fortune, and temptation in a story that will keep you completely captivated. It's the perfect film for a date if you want a truly amazing Mexican movie. This film depicts love in a unique way, showing a love triangle where a poor man and a rich man are both in love with the same woman.

  5. "El Estudiante": This 2009 Mexican film tells the story of a 70 year old man who goes to study in college and finds a connection with students via the book "Don Quixote". Attempting to dismantle the generation gap, it's a great story about age, traditions, and social behavior. It's a wonderful Mexican film that will make for great entertainment on your date. The humor of actor Jorge Lavat and great plot will certainly provide you with a fun evening, giving you the perfect film to start an enjoyable romantic evening.