Funny Mexican movies aren't too easy to come by. In Mexican cinema, there has been a lot of dramatic narratives. However, when a comedy comes along, its certainly one to remember. Mexican cinema showcases the flavor of the country. There is an historical pride in how they tell their tall tales . They also have the Latin American passion that is so widely known, the world throughout.

  1. "Tortilla Soup." When a chef loses his sense of taste, that would typically mean not cooking anymore. However, in this Mexican comedy, that is not the case. Martin is a father of three, single, adult daughters. He insists on still cooking for them and the girls feel a family obligation to humor him. They all love each other very much but still feel like love is missing from the dinner table. When Martin meets a sassy and vivacious widow, things take a turn for the funny and more interesting rode.

  2. "Duck Season." This Mexican movie is extremely funny. The tagline is "Adulthood is a moving target." When two fourteen year olds, Flama and Moko, are planning of having a relaxing Sunday, the combination of  the electricity company, a nosy neighbor, chocolate brownies, etc. come together to reveal the truth. All of these things combine to help the two teenagers cope with loneliness, parent's divorce, and the angst of being young.

  3. "The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales." This twisted Mexican comedy is all about the trials of marriage. When a taxidermist, Dr. Morales, decides to kill his wife after dealing with her for twenty long years of marriage, funny things tend to happen. Mrs. Morales is deformed and torments her husband for spending so much time with stuffed animals. He finds a great solace in taxidermy and doesn't appreciate her comments. This is a dark comedy from Mexico, that makes husbands across the globe have a little smile on their faces.