Have you seen the best classic Mexican movies for guys? Mexican movies have long been a staple of American culture. While thousands of titles fail to cross the border north many classics find their place among the most renowned films of their generation. If you are a Mexican/Mexican American searching for some classics or simply trying find some great foreign movies for guys, look no further.

  1. "El Mariachi." Recognized world wide as one of the most exciting and action packed indie films of the early 90s, it was filmed on a seven thousand dollar budget in the Mexican town of Acuna, by little known at the time director Robert Rodriguez. Raising over three thousand dollars by participating in experimental drug testing in the United States, Rodriguez, a Mexican American, used his skill and ingenuity to write, co-produce and direct this debut film on a shoe string budget. Loaded with action, adventure, shoot outs and car chases, "El Mariachi" stands against multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbusters and shows you why it’s a classic Mexican movie.

  2. "Amores Perros." This classic was the feature length debut of Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu and Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal. Presented as three separate stories intertwining in a car accident, "Amores Perros" delves into the lives of its main characters and explores their duplicitous nature and their love or dependence on their dogs. Following first a dog fighter, then a model and finally a hitman, the film presents the eerie similarities between these separate characters in both their lives and their relationships with their pets. Nominated for the Academy Award for best foreign language film, "Amores Perros" is one of the best classic Mexican movies for guys.

  3. "Sin Nombre." Winning several awards, including the Sundance Film award for directing, "Sin Nombre" is a fictitious look into the ruthless world of one of the biggest and most vicious gangs in North and Central America, the Mara Salvatrucha (MS). Following Willy, AKA Casper, a member of the MS gang, as he attempts to escape the life he has chosen, "Sin Nombre" presents a reality which although cruel and dark is eerily realistic. Released in 2009 "Sin Nombre" became an instant Mexican American classic and a modern day "God Father".

  4. "Matando Cabos." A fast paced Mexican comedy, "Matando Cabos" is a witty and at times lampoon story about dual kidnappings and mistaken identity. Oscar Cabos (Pedro Armendariz Jr.) is a merciless businessman that finds his daughter being intimate with one of his employees. The discovery leads to a series of events that although seem highly unlikely, are so ridiculous that they will have you suspending belief. This classic Mexican movie will have you rolling on the floor in laughter as the characters all seem to lack a bit of common sense coupled with lofty ambitions, all of which lead to disastrous results.