Best Mexican Movies For Movie Night

Sunday, May 1 by Samantha Assad

The best Mexican movies for movie night will have you laughing, crying and wondering, but in a good way. What films are the best Mexican movies for your movie night depend on your mood, as drama, comedy and horror are all represented here.

  1. "Amores Perros" (2000): Three different stories are cleverly presented throughout this Mexican movie only to collide in the most unexpected of ways. The first story is that of Octavio (Gael Garcia Bernal) and his sister-in-law, Susana (Vanessa Bauche). Octavio is in love with Susana and enters the world of dog-fighting in hopes he can make enough money to rescue her from his abusive brother. The next section is the tale of Daniel (Alvaro Guerrero), a successful publisher, and his supermodel girlfriend Valeria (Goya Toledo). The final story is that of El Chivo, a hitman (Emilo Echevarria) and his attempts to contact his lost daughter, Maru (Lourdes Echevarria).
  2. "Yu Mama Tambien" (2001): "Yu Mama Tambien" is a great addition to your Mexican movie night if you're looking for laughs, a little bit of raunchiness and a surprise all rolled into one. Two young men who are best friends—the rich Tenoch (Diego Luna) and the poor Julio (Gael Garcia Bernal) are ditched by their girlfriends for the summer. Bored, the two become involved with a sexy older woman, Luisa (Meribel Verdu), and all three embark on a wild road trip together. "Yu Mama Tambien" is easily one of the best Mexican movies for a movie night with a laid-back theme.
  3. "Sobrenatural" (1996): A horror candidate for Mexican movies for your movie night, "Sobrenatural" is the story of Dolores Berthier (Susana Zabaleta), a well-off housewife whose life is irrevocably altered when she sees her best friend and next-door neighbor, Eva (Zaide Silvia Gutierrez), brutally murdered right on her doorstep. Dolores, believing she is experiencing delusions from the trauma, seeks professional help. The situation continues to worsen until Dolores realizes maybe she isn't crazy after all, and nothing is what it seems.
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