Top 10 Bruce Lee Movies

Friday, July 29 by Brandy Willingham

The Big Boss Bruce Lee stars as a reluctant hero in this film. He endeavors to make a new start working in an ice factory. Unfortunately, his corrupt boss crosses the line and attacks his family. This forces Lee to release the dragon and restore honor and fairness.

Tower of Death This movie was released after Bruce Lee’s death in 1981. Bruce Lee’s brother disappears in this movie. It is up to Bruce Lee to find out what happened to his brother and his friend in this movie. This movie stars Bruce Lee, Tang Lung, and Hwang Jang Lee.

“Bruce Lee and I” “Bruce Lee and I” was released in 1972. Bruce Lee directed the action portion of this movie as well as participated in many of the fighting scenes. This movie stars Unicorn Chan as well as Bruce Lee. Like many Bruce Lee movies this movie has an additional name. It is also known as “Fist of Unicorn”.

“Golden Gate Girl” Bruce Lee was a baby in this movie. This film was released in 1946. “Golden Gate Girl” also starred Nom Liu, Kwan Man Ching, Fee Luk Won, Wok Hok Sing and Man Tso Yee.

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Released in 1993, this movie stars Jason Scott Lee as Bruce Lee. This movie details the life of the great action star. This movie also stars Lauren Holly and Robert Wagner.

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