Top 10 Bruce Lee Movies

Friday, July 29 by Brandy Willingham

Anxious to find the top ten Bruce Lee movies? Bruce Lee is credited with the rise of martial arts movie popularity in the United States. Prior to his death in 1973 Bruce Lee had gained international success as a martial arts expert and actor. These ten Bruce Lee movies offer fans both new and old a glimpse of this great actor.

Enter the Dragon One of the most famous Bruce Lee movies of all times. Released in 1973, this movie features Bruce Lee posing as a contestant in a martial art tournament to take down a drug lord. John Saxon and Jim Kelly star alongside Lee in this movie.

“Chinese Connection 2” Bruce Lee must honor his ailing brother’s request and re-establish a martial art school that has been overtaken by thugs. “Chinese Connection 2” stars Bruce Lee, Lo Lieh, and Ti Fung. This great Bruce Lee movie showcases many of Lee’s amazing martial arts moves.

Game of Death Kareem Abdul Jabar starred alongside Bruce Lee in this excellent example of one of the ten best Bruce Lee movies. This was Bruce Lee’s last movie (he died during filming). This movie is an excellent and historic piece of history for Bruce Lee fans.

Fist Of Fury Another insanely popular Bruce Lee movie, “Fist of Fury” features Bruce Lee who plans to avenge the murder of his Sensai in this movie. “Fist of Fury” also stars Nora Miao and  James Tien. This movie took the martial arts movie genre by storm with its 1972 release.

Way Of The Dragon Released in 1972, “The Way of the Dragon” must be included in the list of the top ten Bruce Lee movies. This was Bruce Lee’s third movie and first as a writer and director. “The Way Of The Dragon” also features action superstar Chuck Norris and actress Nora Miao. Bruce Lee visits relatives in Italy and soon finds himself defending them.

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