The 5 best Shaw Brothers martial arts movies are certainly worthy of fame in this film genre. Known for their classic martial arts films, you could easily choose several classics to start your martial arts movie collection. Here are five of the best Sha Brothers martial arts movies.

  1. "The 36 Chambers of Shaolin" (1978). Considered one of the greatest martial arts movies of all time, this is a classic. The story follows a legendary disciple who learns kung fu from Shaolin Temple.

  2. "King Boxer" (1972). Many attribute the start of the kung fu craze in North America to this film. Starring Lo Lieh, it has cult status and has been referenced by other films (such as "Kill Bill"). No Shaw Brothers martial arts, or general martial arts list, can be complete without this film.

  3. "Heroes of the East" (1978). Starring Gordon Kiu, this important Shaw Brothers martial arts movie combines romance, comedy, and of course plenty of action.  One of many successful films between Lui and director Kar-Leung, this is a top choice for best martial arts movies from the Shaw Brothers.

  4. "Chinese Super Ninjas" (1982). Tien-chi Cheng stars as a martial artist who seeks revenge, where a number of typical Shaw Brothers elements are combined.  Fans will note that this is particularly bloody and violent-perhaps topping those lists-which could be an added benefit for martial arts movie lovers.

  5. "The Flying Guilotine" (1975). How can the movie that introduced the world to the flying guilotine be forgotten? A bizarr weapon, this movie makes for a favorite Shaw Brothers martial arts flick, a quintessential movie from the highly-regarded studio.