The 5 best lady ninja movies surprisingly make up some classic ninja films. Martial arts is a great genre for movies. Toss in some angry females, and you have yourself a nice mix of angst, action and beauty. If you have the opportunity, check out these lady ninja titles for some entertaining ninja action.

  1. “Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx” (Kozure Ôkami: Sanzu no kawa no ubaguruma) 1972: Based on the "Lone Wolf" (Ronin) and "Cub" (Child) series, this second popular movie in the Japanese line of ninja film was a major hit back in the day. Ogami Itto (Lone Wolf) must battle a clan of lady ninjas to get to the leader who plans on selling his secrets to a rival clan. This is a very action packed ninja film with some exceptional female action.

  2. “Shinobi” 2005: Set in ancient Japan, two ninja clans find peace as they are forced to coexist. They continue their ways, both hidden deep in the hills of Japan. The near Emperor of Japan, however, feels they are a threat to peace in Japan. He sends his armies forward to kill their best warriors. The two, Iga Oboro and Koga Gennesuke, have since fallen in love and the two will battle to the end to survive so they may remain together.

  3. “Catch the Heat” 1987: One of Asia’s and the ninja world’s first beloved female actresses, Tiana Alexandra plays Checkers Goldberg a one woman task force. Her assignment is to take down a large drug cartel and finish off their operations. She doesn’t fail and does it brutal and sexy fashion. This is a very entertaining and action packed lady ninja movie.

  4. “Geisha –vs- Ninja (Geisha Assassin)” 2008: A beautiful geisha inherits a coveted sword and must learn to fight to protect. This movie is plenty sexy and very action packed. Not plot driven or Oscar caliber acting, but the action and girl on girl hand to hand and sword play is extraordinary. This is a great lady ninja film and for sure should be on your list of things to see.

  5. “Ninja Cheerleaders” 2008: OK, not the kind of lady ninja movie you might expect. Yes, there are cheerleaders, three of them to be exact. Young, hot and very well trained with martial arts. This is a great tongue in cheek, sexy college lady ninja film that follows the three beauties as they fight to save their sensei from the mafia. The movie is funny and the action is real, but if you are looking for a Golden Globe, then you should probably move on.