The five best Kung Fu killer movies showcase the martial art in its deadly form as the victims begin to drop like flies. The Kung Fu killers raise the body count in many of these movies as they raise hell across the landscape. The action and violence are intense and gritty when the Kung Fu killer movies unfold their tale of blood and martial arts skill. Death plays no favorites inside these Kung Fu killer movies as the assassins go face-to-face with their hand-to-hand combat skills against anyone who dares try to stop them. Here are the five best Kung Fu killer movies:

  1. "Sin City" (2005). A blazing adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel, it brings the crime, corruption, and brutal punishment of its citizens that including a war between dirty cops and prostitutes. One of the prostitutes, Miho, played by Devon Aoki, is a deadly Kung Fu killer with a samurai sword who cuts her victims into bacon bits.

  2. "Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2" (2003 & 2004). A young woman named only as the Bride goes out on a path of vengeance after being betrayed by the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. The films trace her background such as learning Kung Fu from an ancient martial arts master in order to be one of the best killers in the group. 

  3. "Enter the Dragon" (1973). Bruce Lee's martial arts classic has him going into a tournament to avenge the death of his sister. His journey leads to Han, a master of Kung Fu and merciless killer who rubs out anyone who tries to ruin his opium racket.

  4. "Iron Monkey" (1993). Woo-ping Yuen directed this Kung Fu actioner about a Robin Hood-esque bandit known as the "Iron Monkey." The town soon becomes overrun with evil killer monks who look to take out anyone that opposes their will. 

  5. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (2000). A mystical jade sword is stolen that brings two warriors together in search of the relic. Their quest proves difficult when a mysterious killer named the Jade Fox reemerges with a young assassin of immense Kung Fu skill.