The five best Jackie Chan Kung Fu movies showcas the master who blends martial arts action and slapstick comedy to make his own blend. Kung Fu movies had definitely took a different spin when Jackie Chan burst on to the scene with his eclectic style. Fans fell in love with Jack Chan's Kung Fu movies as he also did all of his own stunts that literally defied death in more than one occasion throughout his career. Jackie Chan's style of Kung Fu is hard hitting as well as playful and colorful which shows in each of his movies. 

  1. "Drunken Master" (1978). A master of a drunken style of Kung Fu has to deal with two bumbling students. Things get hairy as an evil master and his gang of toughs arrive and cause trouble. 

  2. "Police Story" (1985). Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong cop who scores a huge bust with a big time drug lord. The drug lord enacts his revenge by setting up the cop with murder and now he must fight to clear his name before it is too late.

  3. "Armour of God" (1987). Treasure and adventure await as a fortune hunter's ex-girlfriend is kidnapped by a mysterious evil cult. Jackie Chan and his sidekick must journey across Europe in order to rescue her by getting pieces of the mythical Armour of God.

  4. "Rush Hour" (1998). Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker create the ultimate dysfunctional tag team in this action comedy. A Hong Kong cop and a streetwise L.A. cop work together to solve the kidnapping of a Chinese delegate's daughter. 

  5. "The Forbidden Kingdom" (2008). Jackie Chan and Jet Li team up for the very first time in this grand mythical adventure. A young teen gets teleported to ancient China and now must team up with an immortal drunkard, a monk and a beautiful town girl to battle the Jade Warlord and deliver the ancient staff to the Monkey King.