These 10 hot women in Kung Fu movies deliver a kick to the head with sexiness and aggression for many martial arts fans across the world. These hot women are as beautiful as they are deadly in each of their respective Kung Fu movies. Nothing can beat hot women and Kung Fu to create the ultimate combination of cinematic entertainment. Kung Fu movies have evolved over the years to now include hot women next to the strong, chiseled men who dominated the industry since the beginning. 

  1. Zhang Ziyi. This hot stunner has captured the world by storm in many of her action movies. She has starred in memorable Kung Fu movies like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Rush Hour 2."

  2. Michelle Yeoh. Another gorgeous actress made a name for herself in numerous Kung Fu movies which has garnered many fans. Her film credits include "Dynamite Fighters," "Supercop," and "Tomorrow Never Dies."

  3. Kristin Kreuk. A Canadian hottie amassed an impressive resume in TV and film throughout her acting career. She took on the role of Chun-Li in the movie "Street Fighter: The Legend Chun-Li."

  4. Talisa Soto. This sexy Latina started modeing at age fifteen and since then appeared in "Vogue," "Galmour," and "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue." Her hottest impression was in the Kung Fu movie based on the popular video game "Mortal Kombat." 

  5. Lucy Liu. A hot Chinese-American actress definitely leaves an impression wherever she appears in. She has starred in Kung Fu movies "Shanghai Noon" and "Kung Fu Panda."

  6. Devon Aoki. This smoking hot babe started modeling at age thirteen and became the biggest earner for the agency, Women. She looks fantastic doing Kung Fu scenes in "Sin City" and "DOA: Dead or Alive."

  7. Aaliyah. A sexy siren was just making a name for herself in films before her untimely death years ago. This lovely singer appeared in the Kung Fu movie "Romeo Must Die" with action star, Jet Li.

  8. Vivica A. Fox. This hot actress has never met a camera she didn't like whether in TV or film. Her role as a super assassin in the Deadly Viper Assasination Squad displayed a brutal fight scene with co-star Uma Thurman in Quentin Tarantino's ode to Kung Fu movies, "Kill Bill Vol. 1."

  9. Lela Rochon. She was named "50 Most Beautiful People" by People Magazine in 1996 and "10 Sexiest Women of the Year" by Black Men's Magazine in 2000. This hot actress starred in the Kung Fu movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme in "Knock Off."

  10. Monica Bellucci. An Italian beauty lightens up the screen as soon as the camera focuses on her. She made her presence known in the sequel of the sci fi, Kung Fu mash up from the Wachowskis in "The Matrix Reloaded."