If you want to get your adrenaline pumping while you lounge on your couch, these 10 Great Kung Fu Movies are for you. Before a kung fu movie can dazzle with its martial arts mayhem, it has to connect with you through the story with lovable characters and a compelling plot. These great kung fu movies are perfect not only for lovers of martial arts, but anyone who appreciates a good flick. 

  1. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" The movie that started the flying martial arts genre. Gravity is disposed of in this epic masterpiece set in classical China. If you want a movie that captures the intricacies of a period drama, filled with epic battles and a touch of magic, don't wait to watch this flick. 

  2. "Ip Man" Based on a true story, "Ip Man" is as touching as it is exciting. Set in China during the Japanese occupation in the 1930's, this movie will teach you what it means to stand up against all odds. Though the choreography is cutting edge, the endearing characters are what stand out. Get ready to have your heart strings pulled. 

  3. "Legend of the Drunken Master" This is the funniest of fun martial arts flicks, and the humor is in the way Jackie Chan fights. There are three of these films, and each one is great because you can't get enough of the "drunken" fighting style. And yes, it's also based on a true story, if you can believe that.

  4. "Ong-bak" You never knew Thai martial arts could be so awesome, did you? "Ong-bak" contains some of the best choreography ever, along with awesome stunts and epic one-on-one ring fights. Simply put, this is a movie that dazzles with the insanity of its maneuvers. Wiggle that jaw, you're going to be gaping a lot during the next hour and a half. 

  5. "Enter the Dragon" While a bit dated, this is a must see because of Bruce Lee's unique style. The plot is reminiscent of a James Bond film, but replace guns with hummingbird speed fists and kicks. It might not be Bruce Lee's best, but "Enter the Dragon" is what started our obsession with the man. 

  6. "Iron Monkey" If super heroes knew kung fu, they would be the Iron Monkey. Set in classical China, this is a film about a vigilante who rights wrongs while disguised. The choreography is top notch, and the plot is a terrific mix of intrigue and action. 

  7. "Rush Hour" The magical formula of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker cannot be denied. The plot is nothing special, but it's hard not to love the way this clumsy duo goes about solving a major crime, Chan with his incredible stunts and Tucker with his witty one liners. "Rush Hour" is the perfect action-comedy. 

  8. "Romeo Must Die" This is the movie that catapulted Jet Li's fame in the western hemisphere. It's great to watch how he deals with inner-city gang warfare using his slick kung fu. Toss in singers Aliyah and DMX, and you've got a crazy action-romance. 

  9. "Fist of Fury" A classic tale of vengeance and lost honor starring the master Bruce Lee, "Fist of Fury" is definitive kung fu. If you like your martial arts raw, without ridiculous stunts, and with a compelling tale to boot, pop this in your DVD player. 

  10. "Hero" "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" may have began the flying martial arts genre, but "Hero" perfected it. Set in classical China (of course), this is a movie filled with visual splendor and awe-inspiring special effects. It also has one of the best endings of any movie ever, so don't miss out.