If movies are your bag, then check out these 1o good kung fu movies. Kung fu movies make up some of the most entertaining cinema around. Kung fu movies also bring it loads of culture. A worldwide phenomenon kung fu movies have captured the imagination of movie goes for years.

  1. “Enter the Dragon” 1973: Is the ultimate classic kung fu movie. If you ever only see one catch this Bruce Lee masterpiece and earn what all the excitement is about. Bruce Lee is a martial artist invited to a tournament. He is to spy on Han, the host for suspected opium trade.

  2. “Fist of Fury” 1972: The story centers on Lee who returns to China only to discover his beloved teacher has been murdered. He sets out for revenge and to punish all involved. There is exceptional kung fu action from start to finish.

  3. “Kung Fu Hustle” 2004: This movie is a classic film about good versus evil. Primarily takes place in a small apartment complex that houses some amazing kung fu talent. This is a gut busting, face smashing good time movie.

  4. “Ip Man” 2008: This instant classic and film one of three is amazing. Great kung fu action and the fight sequences are spectacular. This movie is based on the true story of the Yip man, the first teacher of Wing Chun.

  5. “Kill Bill Volume I” 2003: Another one of those movies that provide sensational kung fu with some added swordplay. Uma Thurman is out for revenge on those who stole her life. Bill is her ultimate goal and beware anyone who gets in her way.

  6. “Hero” 2002: Is a kung fu movie that was nothing short of cinematic genius. Jet Li was remarkable ion this tale about ‘nameless’ and how he came to thwart the attempts of three great assassins from killing the Emperor.

  7. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” 2000: A kung fu movie that wet the movie going public on its ear. A reintroduction of the fine art of kung fu, this feel captured the imagination of a generation. All this action in pursuit of a single sword, this is timeless cinema.

  8. “The Burning of the Red Lotus Temple” 1928: a Chinese silent film about kung fu that started it all. The storyline centers on the rescue of a commander held prisoner in a temple that is riddled with traps.

  9. “Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior” 2003: This movie has built a trio of wonderful and insightful king fu movies. Staring Tony Jaa, who is anointed the village monk, must set out to retrieve the sacred Buddha of their village. The Buddha stolen by visitors from Bangkok, leads Tony on an action packed adventure.

  10. “Kung Fu Panda” 2008: Ah, come on, didn’t everyone love this movie? An animated panda, voiced by Jack Black in a kung fu movie, spells hysterical. Po (the panda) is chosen as the Dragon Warrior, never mind he’s fat and doesn’t know jack about kung fu, funny.