Funny karate movies are a relatively new phenomenon. With actors like Jackie Chan, as well as established comedians like Chris Farley, karate comedies are starting to become more prevalent in main stream media. Below is a list that will keep your sides splitting, although figuring out if it is from a well placed kick or a barrel of laughs may be a bit difficult to figure out.

  1. "Kong Pow: Enter the Fist" puts together and old 1970's style Kung Fu movie with new film, making this movie incredibly hilarious. Spoofing on many typical stereotypes of the genre, this picture will have you rolling with laughter, or vomiting because of the gross bits.

  2. "Beverly Hills Ninja," starring the late Chris Farley, combines two things that were never meant to go together; big guys and ninjas. The physical comedy in this movie alone make it memorable, while the comedic talent provided by Farley is why we will remember this movie for years to come.

  3. "Bulletproof Monk" may seem like an odd choice for the list, but the relationship that is created between the two main characters helps to create quite a bit of laughter from the audience. It does seem to take itself a little too seriously at some points, but that only make the movie that much funnier.

  4. "Rush Hour" is what made comedy karate movies famous. With Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, this movie is a great example of a clash of cultures. This movie was definitely the best out of the series, and provides the greatest frequency of laughter.

  5. "Kung Fu Panda" with Jack Black is intended for children, but has many different adult oriented jokes as well. The animation makes for some interesting comedy as well, as a mantis beats up on larger animals. Rent it and watch it with the kids.

  6. "The Foot Fist Way" provides comedy only a small town can offer. With the main character being so conceited, it is only a matter of time before he makes a fool of himself. His shenanigans may make him look like an idiot, but idiocy gives entertainment.

  7. "3 Ninjas" is about thre brothers with a mysterious Japanese grandfather (which is weird, because both parents are definitely Caucasian). Although originally intended for older children, nostalgia has some young adults re-watching the film. Some of the most iconic lines include "Nu uh. I don't eat poop."

  8. "Black Dynamite" offers a black ninja, something usually not seen. It provides the same sort of physical comedy as in the other movies, with some hilarious encounters and some great ass kickery.

  9. "Kung Phooey!"  is a slapstick spoof that many claim is better than Kong Pow. With the cheap gags and the physical humor, it should not be passed up (despite its extremely silly cover).

  10. "Shaolin Soccer" combines soccer with karate. Why this didn't happen earlier in unknown. This movie creates quite a bit of physical comedy with two sports that should not have gone together, but did anyway.