If you love martial arts, then you must know the 10 best top ten kung fu movies. Due to the stunning story lines and the classic kung fu moves, these movies will have you watching them over and over. Here it is—our list of the best kung fu movies:

  1. "Enter The Dragon" (1973) In order to arrest a huge drug dealer in Hong Kong, Bruce Lee  works as an investigator for the British Intelligence. He then enters the martial arts tournament hosted by the drug lord. In the end, Lee beats the drug lord brutally to death. An absolute Bruce Lee classic.

  2. "Drunken Master" (1978) Jackie Chan is a troublemaker and unable to conform to his father's martial arts training. To put him in line, Chan is sent to his coarse booze hound uncle to learn kung fu. Upon completed his uncle's tough training program, Chan successfully saves his father’s life by utilizing the Drunken Fist Kung Fu style.

  3. "The Prodigal Son" (1981) After losing a Kung Fu fight to the Wing Chun master, Yuen Biao wants to learn Wing Chun from the master. At first, the master declines Biao’s request. However, the master changes his mind about teaching Wing Chun once another loser, Samm Hung, shows up.

  4. "Fist of Fury "(1972) Not long after the passing of the Kung Fu master, Bruce Lee is absolutely furious due to the “Sick Men of East Asia” label that is given to the Chinese by the Japanese. Although Lee has defeated the Japanese once before, the soldiers eventually kill him.  

  5. "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin" (1978) In order to rebel the Manchu government, Chia Hiu Liu, an outsider and a student of an activist, tries to join the Shaolin Temple to learn martial arts. Others are able to learn Liu’s special Kung Fu style after the creation of his 36th Chamber. 

  6. "Shaolin Temple" (1982) A traitor kills Jet Li's father. Li decides to learn Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple for revenge for his father’s death. It is a happy ending for Li because he has taken the traitor’s final breath. 

  7. "Ip Man" (2008) Donnie Yen portrays the life of Ip Man. According to the history of martial arts, Ip is known as the very first martial arts master who teaches Wing Chun.

  8. "Iron Monkey" (1977) Chen Kuan Tai has shockingly learned these two things:  First, his father is the leader of the underground movement. Second, the group betrays his family by taking their lives. Chen then joins the Shaolin Temple to better his martial arts skills by becoming a Monkey Kung Fu Expert for revenge.  

  9. "Five Deadly Venoms" (1978) While the master of the Poison Clan is dying, he summons his only loyal follower to stop the former five students from reeking havoc. Defeating these venoms will not be simple.     

  10. "Hero" (2002) Back in the war torn lands of China, the heartless emperor and his armies slaughter all who stand in his way. Jet Li is the main hero who fearlessly fights with the Emperor for revenge of his people.