Get ready to kick ass and take names with the 10 best Thailand martial arts movies. Like any good martial arts movie, the best martial arts movies have plots that tend to be a bit thin but cleverly move the story into the action. What makes the best Thailand martial arts movies a bit different than ones that you may find in Japan or Hong Kong is their willingness to incorporate an eclectic mix of magic, cops, gangsters and social issues to bring the noise. 

  1. “Ong-Bak: Thai Warrior” If you pick just one of the best Thailand martial arts movies it should be the first entry on the list. After the head of a sacred statue goes missing, a young martial artist hunts the thief. Being a martial arts and special effects juggernaut is what makes this movie awesome.

  2. “Chocolate” This Thailand martial arts movies is as sweet as it sounds. It follows an autistic woman who has the ability to absorb martial skills just by watching movies and her quest to destroy a ruthless gang.

  3. “Beautiful Boxer” Perhaps the most interesting and socially complex of the best Thailand martial arts movies. It's based on the life of Parinya Charoenphol, a top ranked Muaythai boxer who used his winnings to have a sex change.

  4. “The Bodyguard” This Thailand martial arts movie uses a healthy dose of black humor and more than a few kick ass fight scenes to deliver a movie that is as funny as it is action-packed. An inept bodyguard is the only one who can save a rich brat from the men who want his inheritance.

  5. “Hit Man File” Few things are as fragile in this world as the peace between gangs and in this Thailand martial arts movies it’s a lesson that everyone learns the hard way. When one kingpin hires a hit man to take out a drug lord, the uneasy peace falls apart in a hail of bullets and fists of fury.

  6. “Bangkok Dangerous” After being seriously disappointed be the American remake of this Thailand martial arts movie, watching the original is a breath of fresh air. It's a heart-pounding story of a deaf mute hit man who seeks revenge against his bosses after realizing how his actions have hurt the innocent.

  7. “The Tiger Blade” Combining the awesomeness of martial arts with mysticism and magic is what puts this on the list of the best Thailand martial arts movies. In this movie, a pair of mystical cops have to use all of their magic and martial arts skills to stop a brutal gang.

  8. “Raging Phoenix” Nothing gets fists flying like the quest for revenge in this Thailand martial arts movie. After being sold as a sex slave, a young woman escapes and is taught deadly martial arts skills. Now she is hell bent on vengeance.

  9. “The Protector” If you need a kick ass martial arts film that you can enjoy with your kids without being bored to death, look no further than this one of the ten best Thailand martial arts movies. After his family’s prized elephant is stolen a young fighter travels to Australia to track down the animal and win him back with fists.

  10. "Ong-Bak 2: The Beginning" While the sequel to the first entry on the list of the ten best Thailand martial arts movies doesn't have much to do with the original, it still brings the heat when it comes to insane special effects and sweet fight scenes.