Get ready for some killer action and loads of camp with the 10 best old ninja movies. Punctuated by their horrible dubbing and overacting, the movies that make up the ten best old ninja movies still pack in plenty of action despite their often campy short comings.

  1. “Ninja: The Final Duel” A group of monks have to defend their temple against a clan of ninjas in this old ninja movie. If you’re watching it in English, the dubbing is horrible, but worth getting through to see the fight scenes. If you're a fan of ninja movies with bad dubbing, you'll enjoy this best old ninja movies.

  2. “The Ninja Wars” Being told that the guy who marries you is going to be the ruler of the world can make a girl very popular with the warring ninja clans in the area. In this best old ninja movie, it’s up to one man to protect the girl whose husband will rule the world. If getting married puts our plans of world domination into action, then sign us up!

  3. “Ninja Scroll” A must-see for fans of ninjas and anime, this one of the ten best old ninja movies is brilliantly drawn and has an unforgettable cast of characters. There is even a little sweetness to mellow out the action when the hero falls for a poisoned ninja girl.

  4. “Ninja Resurrection” Another animated masterpiece to make the list of the ten best old ninja movies is a journey of faith and betrayal as a young ninja battles the forces of the underworld and rival clans. Sure the core of the story is about kicking major ninja ass, but the more spiritual are interesting, too.

  5. “Ninja Terminator” Directed by the king of the low budget action film, this best old ninja movies puts a bit of a spin on the traditional ninja story by sending the ninjas on a quest to a magic temple in order to secure what they need to save their temple. And we all know nothing says awesome like ninjas and magic!

  6. “Screaming Ninja” Also known as “Screaming Tiger,” this one of the ten best old ninja movies works to see if the calming spirit of a monk can help soothe a ninja of a killing spree after his family is murdered. In the end, nothing but opening a can of whoop ass can calm the warrior's spirit.

  7. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Yes, looking back on it this movie is totally lame, but there was a time when this one the ten best old ninja movies was the coolest thing on the planet. Over the years they've tried to bring it back, but the new incarnations don't match the fun of the original.

  8. “Revenge of the Ninja” Even when he tries to do right, it seems like a ninja just can’t catch break. After his life as a warrior gets his family killed, a lonely ninja moves to America for a fresh start and ends up befriending a dangerous drug dealer.

  9. “Cyber Ninja” Best known for its cheesy special effects, this best old ninja movies is perfect for those who love a bit of camp with their violence. After his body is sold to a demon, what is left of him becomes “Cyber Ninja.” Kicking ass and taking names with a hilarious blend of killer martial arts and special effects madness.

  10. “Golden Ninja Warrior” The only one of the ten best old ninja movies to star a woman ninja, this old ninja movies follows a young woman out to avenge her father’s death. If you're into cute girls kicking high and slicing up her enemies, this old ninja movies is for you.