The 10 best old martial arts movies do not only consist of the best martial arts, but  consist of some of the greatest films ever made. When you think of the best martial arts films, you think of creative fight scenes, memorable lines and cinematography. Here are the best of the best old martial arts movies.

  1. "Game of Death" One of the greatest martial arts fight scenes of all-time between Bruce Lee and Kareem Abdul Jabbar is a masterpiece in martial arts cinema. Bruce Lee turned up the volume with his innovativ fighting sequences and razor sharp timing. This film was released five years after the passing of Bruce Lee.

  2. "Drunken Master" The breakthrough martial arts film starring international superstar Jackie Chan as Wong Fei-hung. Wong kicks one of his student's ass and then gets his ass whooped by a female (so much for those fighting skills, huh?) by trying to impress every female that walks. He uses the seven styles plus his own to defeat a person named Yan Ti San to become the drunken master.

  3. "Enter the Dragon" Another Bruce Lee martial arts movie on the list? Yeah, Bruce Lee was kung-fu fighting and his kicks were fast as lighting. Everyone knows the classic line "Boards don't hit back" in one of the first fighting scenes of the film. 

  4. "The 36th Chambers of Shaolin" The rap supergroup Wu-Tang Clan borrowed lots of material from "The 36th Chambers of Shaolin."

  5. "Way of the Dragon" Bruce Lee writes, stars and directs this classic that takes place in Rome, Italy. Tang Lung defends his niece and his family friends from a local mob terrorizing their restaurant. The mob wants the restaurant signed over to the mob boss, but Tang does not play that. Martial arts fighters and Chuck Norris try to defeat Tang and fail.

  6. "The Chinese Connection" Bruce Lee's second feature film in his illustrious but short film career, Lee stars as Chen Zhen, once a pupil of his master Huo Yuanjia, who dies of a mysterious illness. Chen Zhen avenges his master's death and his country of China in this martial arts film classic.

  7. "Shaolin Temple" Both 1976 and 1982 old martial arts movies are named the same; however, both should be on this list. One is stars international film star in Jet Li and the other has an all-star cast of martial arts film stars from the 1960s and 1970s. 

  8. "Five Deadly Venoms" This martial arts movie is about five fighters with animalistic styles. These fighters are like the Captain Planet and the Planeteers. These animal styles include lizard, toad, snake, centipede and a scorpion. Add classic old school martial arts fight scenes and you have one hell of a movie!

  9. "Knockabout" "Knockabout" is one of the best old martial arts movies with a stupid plot. Two con artists and brothers Yipao and Taipao are cheated out of their money and they want to kick some dude named Jia Wu Dao's ass. Jia Wu Dao's defeats both con men and they want Jia to train them. Jia Wu Dao has a secret...He is a murderer and Jia wants to kill Yipao. A fatal blow by Jia Wu Dao kills Taipao and his brother avenges his death. Some fat ass homeless person teams up with Yipao to defeat Jia Wu Dao.

  10. "Akira" This great-animated martial arts film has some of the best fight scenes that trump some of the live action martial arts film of its time. Shotaro Kaneda is the main character that needs to stop an evil colonel named the Colonel from holding his best friend Tetsuo hostage. Tetsuo has psychic abilities and uses it on Shotaro when the Colonel makes Tetsuo turn on Shotaro. "Akira" has iinnovative martial arts fighting and plot holes worse than "Saved by the Bell."