The 10 best ninja movies prove that there was a time when ninjas were a big deal at the box office. There were tons of ninja movies made, especially in the 1980's, and people became fascinated with the concept of stealthy martial arts masters. There are some surprising entries on this list, along with some well known classics of the genre.

  1. “Batman Begins” This may surprise some people because they may not realize that it’s actually one of the best ninja movies. Many fans have always considered Batman to be something of a ninja, but this film buys into that concept wholesale, and has Bruce Wayne training with ninjas as he takes on the role of the Batman. In addition, one of the film’s main villains is also a ninja master, and you have several ninja versus ninja battles.

  2. “Revenge of the Ninja” Sho Kosugi starred in some of the best ninja movies of all time, and this one is his greatest achievement. It’s about a ninja trying to avenge the death of his wife and unborn son.

  3. “Ninja in the Dragons Den”  This is one of the few Hong Kong films on this list of the best ninja movies. It’s about a ninja and a kung fu master who become allies in battle.

  4. “Shogun’s Ninja” This is one of the best ninja movies that's actually made in Japan. It stars Sonny Chiba, and it deals with warring samurai clans who employ ninjas in their efforts.

  5. “Ninja: The Domination” Very few ninja movies are as silly as this one, but it’s also one of the most entertaining. This is a movie that you may laugh at, but it’s almost impossible to stop watching, especially if you watch it with a friend. The story deals with a woman who becomes possessed by an evil ninja.

  6. “Shinobi No Mono” This is another major Japanese ninja movie, and some consider it to be the very first major motion picture that dealt with ninjas. The depiction here is very different, and much more realistic.

  7. “American Ninja” This is one of the most entertaining films on this list of best ninja movies. It’s about an American soldier with ninja skills who finds himself in a sticky situation, and is required to use them.

  8. “A Force of One” This is one of the main ninja movies where the ninja is actually the bad guy. It deals with an evil ninja, and Chuck Norris is trying to help the police deal with him.

  9. “Enter The Ninja” This is one of the first ninja movies with Sho Kosugi. He actually plays the villain in this film, but his martial arts skills still shine through.

  10. “Ninja Wars” This is one of the best ninja movies with fantasy elements. In fact, it almost plays out like a live action anime.