The ten best martial arts films come complete with hard-hitting action and impressive stunt work. Of course, not all of the action is serious business. Several kung fu comedies appear on the list.

  1. “Enter the Dragon”- Here’s one of Bruce Lee’s finest contributions to cinema. Released in 1973, the martial arts movie pits an undercover Bruce Lee against an infamous crime boss. 

  2. “Hero” - Jet Li starred in this tale of one man’s struggle to defeat a group of legendary assassins. This martial arts movie featured highly stylized fight scenes directed by Yimou Zhang. 

  3. “Drunken Master”- Jackie Chan gives us both action and comedy in this martial arts movie. The protagonist attempts to learn a secret style of Drunken Boxing, a method on fighting that imitates the drunken stumbles of an alcoholic.

  4. “Kill Bill”- Director Quentin Tarantino borrowed elements from classic martial arts movies and dragged them into this two-part film centered on revenge. Uma Thurman played The Bride, heading the cast of colorful and vicious characters.

  5. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”- Romance and drama appear alongside fierce action in this 2000 martial arts movie. An original score and stunning cinematography earned “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” numerous awards, including four Oscars.

  6. “Shaolin Soccer”- This martial arts movie humorously combines a soccer tournament with Kung Fu action. Stephen Chow served as the director, writer and leading man.

  7. “Kung Fu Hustle”- Stephen Chow gives us another comedic masterpiece disguised as a martial arts movie. In this movie, an infamous gang battles a group of apartment tenants in a series of over-the-top fights.

  8. “Fists of Fury” - In “Fists of Fury,” Bruce Lee plays a student who has sworn to avenge his master’s death. Wei Lo directed this 1972 martial arts movie.

  9. “The Karate Kid”- In this classic martial arts movie, an American youngster gets a lesson in fighting from the wise Mr. Miyagi. The movie debuted in 1984, leading to several sequels.

  10. “Ong-Bak”- Tony Jaa stars as Ting, a country boy who travels into a shady metropolis to retrieve an artifact that was stolen from his village. Fortunately, Ting possesses incredible Muy Thai skills.