If you are ready to watch fast paced, action packed films, then get ready to rent these 10 best Kung Fu movies. Kung-fu is defined as self-defense techniques first seen in ancient China. Kung-fu is fluid movements of hands and legs with or without weapons to attack the vulnerable part of the opponent’s body. Superior kung-fu techniques you will see in these films. But it's not all mindless action, these movies also have drama, comedy and tragedy.

  1. Enter the Dragon.”(1973). The first and foremost of any 10 best kung-fu movie list must be a film starring the greatest martial artists of all time, Bruce Lee. Storyline is about a kung-fu expert recruited by an agency to spy on an opium drug lord. He goes undercover and enters a tournament. You lose you die, you win you live.

  2. “Karate Kid” (1984). This is the second highest grossing martial arts film of all time. A boy who is bullied by misguided karate students learns self defense by the maintenance man in the apartment in which he lives.

  3. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (2000). Winner of “Best Foreign Language Film” this ten best kung-fu movie introduces audiences to the method of wi-f fighting. Story of two warriors who search for a stolen sword which leads them to an amazingly skilled teenager, one falls in love with her the other sacrifices love.

  4. “Kung Fu Hustle” (2004).  Set in the 40s this comedic martial arts film revolves around a young man who wants to join a gang. He stumbles upon a ghetto only to discover the slumlords are the greatest kung-fu artists in the land.

  5. “Hero” (2002). Not only is this one of the ten best kung-fu movie but it is Jet Li’s finest film. Nominated for a best picture award this storyline is about one man who must fight alone against assassins who plot to kill the emperor.

  6. “Drunken Master” (1978). This movie took drama out of kung-fu film and added a truckload of comedy. Starring Jackie Chan a story about a boy without discipline who must learn kung-fu to stop an assassin.

  7. “Iron Monkey” (1993). A take on Robin Hood films as a doctor fights against corrupt officials to help the village. Artistic martial arts action in this ten best kung-fu movie.

  8. “Kill Bill Volume I & II” (2003, 2004). The only 10 best kung-fu movie on this list which stars a woman. An assassin is betrayed by her team and is put into a coma. Once she awakens she hunts them down one by one until she seeks vengeance against the leader, Bill.

  9. “The Last Dragon” (1985). This story a singer must be rescued by a possessive music promoter. The only one who can save her is a young man who needs to find a true kung-fu master to help him obtain the ultimate level of kung-fu – the Glow.

  10. “First of Fury” (1972). To round out our ten best kung-fu movies there must be another Bruce Lee film.Here his character seeks vengeance for the death of his teacher. A true classic kung-fu movie of all time for any DVD collection.