The 10 best Jackie Chan kung-fu movies intertwined within two cultures, both Eastern and Western. Jackie started in small roles back in the 60s as a child. As he grew older he took on more parts, even had a small stint in a Bruce Lee film. It wasn’t until the 80s that his career took off and he incorporated a new style of kung-fu style movies, martial arts mixed with comedy. This list compiled of both English and Cantonese films.  Believe us when we say that Jackie Chan has moves that you would only see on the latest mma news sites.

  1. “Rush Hour” (1998) – English. A Hong Kong detective and an FBI agent must work together to rescue a kidnapped little girl. This Jackie Chan kung-fu movie made him an international super star.

  2. “SuperCop” (1992) – Cantonese. This Hong Kong movie made it big in both the eastern and western hemisphere. Storyline about a Hong Kong detective who teams up with an undercover Russian Policewoman to stop a drug czar.

  3. “The Tuxedo” (2002) – English. Jackie plays the part of a chauffeur who discovers that his employer’s tuxedo garners supernatural powers. Things get a little crazy when he’s paired up with an novice partner.

  4. “Police Story” (1985) – Cantonese. A Hong Kong cop takes down a drug lord only to be framed for the murder of another cop. This action film set the tone for several other police-detective movies that Chan would star in.

  5. “Drunken Master” (1978) – Cantonese. This Jackie Chan kung-fu movie solidified his career as a comedic martial arts super star. A rebellious young man must learn the martial arts of drunken kung-fu to stop an assassin.

  6. “Rush Hour 2” (2001) – English. We love sequels and in this story line FBI agent and Hong Kong detective go on vacation together in Hong Kong. Somehow however they get caught up in a counterfeit ring. Major hit a the box office.

  7. “Who am I?” (1998) – Cantonese. Right before his big western movie “Rush Hour” Jackie hit the right chord with this fast packed action flick. A secret agent gets amnesia after falling from a helicopter. People are chasing him and he doesn't remember who or why.

  8. “Shanghai Noon” (2000) – English. A hilarious Jackie Chan kung-fu movie set in the wild, wild west. He teams up with train robber to rescue a princess.

  9. “Rush Hour 3” (2007) – English. Third time is a charm in this high grossing Jackie Chan kung-fu movie. The last installment of the “Rush Hour” series the Hong Kong cop and the FBI agent protect a French woman against the Triad.

  10. “The Forbidden Kingdom” (2008). This movie undoubtedly will become a classic as Jackie Chan teams up with martial arts movie star Jet Li. Their characters train martial arts to a young boy to help free the imprisoned Monkey King. Cool surprise when Jackie and Jet fight one another in the film.