10 Best Fantasy Kung Fu Movies

Tuesday, May 3 by Shawn Lealos

The best fantasy kung fu movies take the martial arts epic and add magic, fantastic elements and supernatural occurrences to take the movie into a new dimension. Whether the movies involve time travel, monsters or the classic Wuxia mystica fighting styles, these are the best martial arts movies in the subgenre.

  1. “Kung Fu Panda” – This animated movie is a Wuxia action flick featuring a panda named Po who is a huge fan of martial arts. When a former student returns and overpowers the best fighters, it is up to Po to save the day.
  2. “Kung Fu Hustle” – This is part Loony Toons cartoon and part fantasy kung fu movie. Stephen Chow directs this movie about a group of martial arts masters living in an apartment complex who fight back against the city’s ruthless gangs.
  3. “The Forbidden Kingdom”Jackie Chan and Jet Li team up in this time travel movie. The film follows a teenager who is given a golden staff by a shop owner. When thieves try to kill him, he is knocked unconscious and wakes up in ancient China where he must find his way home.
  4. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” – This is one of the best movies that utilizes the Wuxia atyle of martial arts filmmaking. Based during the Qing Dynasty, this features fantastical scenes, including dancing across trees and over bodies of water.
  5. “Mortal Kombat” – An evil sorcerer sets up a tournament with the future of Earth on the line in this videogame adaptation. The film features a number of styles but kung fu is the one that predominantly is featured as the superior style in this movie.
  6. “Matrix: Revolutions” – While the “Matrix” trilogy is mainly sci-fi, the third and final movie of the series also features many kung fu film staples. Neo is the savior of the world and must fight, and defeat, the beings in the computer world to free humanity and save Earth.
  7. “Kung Pow! Enter the Fist” – Comedian Steve Oedekerk created this martial arts spoof. The Chosen One is the hero and searches for the man who murdered his family. The movie takes the features of a kung fu fantasy movie and turns them on their head, making everything a strange, abstract parody.
  8. “Kung Fu Cult Master” – This 1993 film is a cult favorite. The movie, based on the novel “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber,” stars Jet Li as a man who seeks revenge for the death of his parents protect a magical sword by learning a new magical form of fantasy kung fu.
  9. “The Warriors Way” – This is a strange mishmash of genres but remains one of the better fantasy king fu movies in recent years. A warrior is sent out to destroy all his clan’s enemies but when he shows mercy on a baby, he becomes the enemy. He joins forces with a carnival group to fight his clan and a group of evil American soldiers.
  10. “Shaolin vs. Evil Dead” – In one of the strangest of the fantasy kung fu movies, this movie has a group of kung fu warriors battling demons. Gordon Liu stars as the main character who offers to help the village defeat the monsters while his evil brother also offers his help, in exchange for servitude.

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