Whether you like the black masks, Asian atmosphere, or action packed martial arts sequences, the 10 Best American Ninja Movies list is full of must see movies. This genre has become so iconic since its rise to fame in the ‘60s that there have been more than 1000 films made in the ninja style. However, these ten films stand out as the cream of a very rich crop.

  1. “Kill Bill I & II” Director Quentin Tarantino, Starring David Carradine, Uma Thurman, Lucy Lu, Daryl Hannah. Tarantino’s take on the traditional ninja movie has it all. With an out and out love fest for Hattori Hansou swords, to 88 ninjas getting their limbs sliced off in varying degrees of gore by Thurman, Tarantino’s film modernizes the genre and shows the directors intense soft spot for the ninja genre.

  2. “American Ninja” Director Sam Firstenberg, Starring Michael Dudikoff, Steve James. Michael Dudikoff made his name as the white ninja. There are five movies in this series. If you’re a purist for ninja films set in Asia, this may not be for you. The movie is an American ninja fest with plenty of action and blades.

  3. “You Only Live Twice” Director Lewis Gilbert , Starring: Sean Connery, Mie Hama, Akiko Wakabayashi. Although this James Bond film might not be classified as a ninja movie, the fantastic, enormous ninja battle at the end of the movie definitely has to be one for the books. The action stems from a ninja trying to poison 007 but his wife gets the poison instead leaving James safe and furious.

  4. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Director Steve Barron, Starring: Elias Koteas, Josh Pais, Judith Hoag. You’ve got to love this quartet of turtles who came to fame in the 90s TV cartoon series. Take a trip down memory lane and remember the original ninjas who got you hooked on the genre.

  5. “The Octagon” Director Eric Karson, Starring: Chuck Norris, Lee Van Cleef, Karen Carlson. The fantastic 80s American ninja movie features America’s number one martial arts expert of the era, Chuck Norris. Norris films are always action packed and the Octagon is one of his best. Norris faces hordes of ninjas and the fight scenes are excellent.

  6. “Enter the Ninja” Director Menahem Golan, Starring: Franco Nero, Sho Kosugi, Susan George. Another 80s ninja classic, this film features Sho Kosugi – the king of ninja actors. The idea behind Enter the Ninja is a deliberate play on the Japanese ninja classic, ‘Enter the Dragon’.

  7. “Beverly Hills Ninja” Director Dennis Dugan, Starring: Chris Farley, Chris Rock, Nicollette Sheridan. This movie is a great ninja farce movie from the ‘90s. It’s unusual to find a ninja film mixed with the comedy genre but “Beverly Hills Ninja” does just that.

  8. “Ninja Assassin” Director James McTeigue, Starring: Rick Yune, Rain, Naomie Harris. One of the most recent American ninja movies, “Ninja Assassin” is a sharp and violent film, which modernizes the ninja genre.

  9. “Black Eagle” Director Eric Karson, Starring: Sho Kosugi, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Doran Clark. Another ninja film featurin the master, Sho Kosugi. The contrast of a ninja film against the US Air Force background is tied together by Van Damme’s performance.

  10. “The Hunted” Director J.F. Lawton, Starring: Christopher Lambert. Joan Chen, John Lone. This American ninja film is set in New York and Tokyo – a classic way to bridge the gap between the modern-day world on the American and the traditional world of the ninja.